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Recurring leaf symptoms

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    Recurring leaf symptoms

    Hello Fellow Producers.....I left my 4 week old cuttings to a friend to look after for a few days, and on my return found a consistant symptom on the leaves of all 9 plants. So far I have managed to diagnose potassium deficient, brought on possibly by overwatering...(there were pools water in the pot saucers)......anybody out there who could verify or diagnose this problem,,,,I would be most grateful......
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    need more info. What medium is it? Any nutes? Ph? Depending on your answers it could be a deficiency brought on by ph issues or if in coco and you are not using cal mag the coco could be bonding with the potassium making it unavailable to the plant but until we know more about your grow i cant pinpoint the issue. Definitely wouldn't leave pools of liquid in pot saucers next time. That could be throwing off your ph too.


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      Hello Tersky.....the ladies are only 3 weeks old and are in pots in a mixture of potting soil and for the moment we are only giving them 6.5ph nutes...I usually start with nutes at about 4 to 6 weeks old...once the nutes in the soil have been depleted.....

    it does look like a deficiency. correct the watering issue first. let them dry out a bit first then add nutrients as you normally would, assuming you are giving nutrients...
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