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The start of bud rot?

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    The start of bud rot?

    Hello everyone, I was hoping my first post was going to be a thank you and here’s my harvest. Wishful thinking haha! I am a couple of weeks away from my first grow, an outdoor bag seed. It’s made it this far only because I found this site, so thank you! I was inspecting this morning and saw a dense white pocket I thought could have been thick trichomes but suspected mold, I looked later in the day and noticed the bud turning brown. Is this what I think it is?!? I removed the suspect bud, I felt bad and told her sorry. I hope it doesn’t shock her. Thank you in advance for any advise!

    That’s what it looks like to me. Good move getting it all off. Keep a close eye on it...


      Chances are it is rot.
      On the discolored buds, I would fold the flower over where the brown spots are located and see if the interior of the bud is mush.
      If it is, you have botrytis and all you can do is clip off the affected areas.
      I have 3 girls outside under a hoop-house and I still get rot.
      Sometimes you have to accept that growing conditions may not be suitable.
      5x5 grow space
      900w of Vero's and F-strips
      4-17gal totes self-made UC system.


        Thanks for the reply’s! I didn’t realize how crappy my climate is for it until after I was started. I figured that out after endless reading on gwe. It inspired me to start an indoor tent auto flower grow, I’m a little over a month in and things look good there so fingers crossed.

        Assuming it makes it, I was planing of drying this outdoor plant in my lung room… but now thought of botyrtis spores on it is making me rethink bringing it into that environment. Am I over thinking it? Thank you! I’ll have an update on the outdoor girl after the sun comes up.


          So far so good, no signs of stress or more rot, but another cloudy misty day. We have had about a week of this type of weather and I’m guessing that’s what triggered it.

          The bud was a little mushy, but I’m a newbie so not sure what “normal” is either. I can say that it definitely looked odd on the plant and progressed quickly. It also sat kinda inward and I could see how moisture could collect there.

          I bring her in when it rains but may also start to in the evenings to avoid morning dew. Sunny days ahead, still have my fingers crossed. Thanks, bd


            I brought her in last night, but another cloudy misty day today. The sun is trying to break through but not supposed to return until tomorrow. All that said, today I noticed the bud directly underneath the og problem had started to turn brown. I removed and inspected it and found some dark blue/grey slimy towards the outside. Pretty certain it’s br. I am now considering a cut and run. The affected buds are on the lower portion of the plant. I took this pic of the top of the her and would love to hear what you all think… cut now or try to hold for another week of warm sunny (starting tomorrow 🙄)?

            Thanks! bd


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              Man she look far from being ready in this pic.

            • Rwise
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              Can you add a fan?

            Thank you for the reply’s! I definitely agree she has some time to mature… there are a lot more white hairs on top vs the sides. I’m wondering if that is heat or humidity stress or just normal? I attached a pic of the side of that top bud too.

            For the fan, unfortunately I cannot add one for 24/7. When she has come in at night I put a fan on her, and I can (and just did) for about 1/2 the day.

            Ive cut the two rotten buds, and stems and sprayed surrounding area with a very light apple cider vinegar and water mixture. I dressed the wounds with a little tape. I don’t have high (yes pun) hopes for this one anymore; I’m going to use this experience to help me with next years outdoor grow, and to concentrate efforts on indoor.

            Just for my knowledge if I wasn’t worried about br how close am I to harvest window? (Understand genetics and environment play a big part)



            • bdeegan
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              Decided to cut early. Not much left after being very cautious with what I kept. Thankfully I didn’t have much money tied up in it, just sad to see it so close. Damn it smelt good too! Thanks to those that replied! I hope I have something good to report form grow 2 bd

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