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    HELP! Mars Hydro 700w

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a little assistance. I recently acquired two Mars Hydro LED lights. A 700w and a 1200w. Got them free from a friend but they didn't come with a power lead. Got that and turned them on. Images attached.

    As you can see the 700w is missing a few bulbs but in kind of a pattern so I don't know if this is normal and they'll come on over time or if there is a problem.

    The 1200 only has a couple of bulbs blown out. I'm new to LED so would appreciate any input before I try to use them.

    Got them free? I would ask that friend how many years he has been using them.
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      Damngrower , sorry to say those lights are just worn out. The dead zones and bulbs are cooked. I had same issues with some viperspectras that eventually started burning out bulbs. Noticed my buds weren’t getting thick and solid. Probably be fine for seedlings or veg maybe.
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        Yeah they are very old 😂 better drop them at the tip!


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