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    Looking for strain

    So I've been looking for a new strain to grow. I get anxiety from strong sativas. I'm looking for something high in THC but doesn't induce panic attacks. Anyone know of a good strain from a reputable breeder the fits what I'm looking for? Thanks!
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    I probably sound like a broken record because I always recommend it. A personal favorite is the Indica dominant Wedding Cake. It has all the growing ease and massive yield of GG4 but a more relaxing cerebral buzz without the stupefying couch lock.


    • PeterMatanzas
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      I grew out THC Seeds' Citron Givré (a Birthday Cake strain) and it was one of the best flowers ever,

    • SoOrbudgal
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      Wedding Cake, Purple punch just don't smoke too much of that GG LOL it's a creeper LOL

    Highly recommend fat banana from RQS 👌🏻


      Dos Si Dos and Girl Scout Cookies are my goto’s right now. I can smoke either all day without getting tired


        I've been running some gear from medgrower1- mg1_seed_co on Instagram.
        He has hooked up with some of the Ocean Grown genetics as well as introducing strains in Michigan where he lives.
        I did a pheno hunt on his Primal Punch F2 last year and found a real jewel.
        I decided to try one of his new creations using the Primal Punch crossed with a select cut of Clementine.
        The strain is called Clem Krush.
        Here is my 4x4 with 5 testers I'm doing a pheno hunt on.
        The citrus note will smack you when I open the tent. Hope it smokes well and makes great medicine.
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        5x5 grow space
        900w of Vero's and F-strips
        4-17gal totes self-made UC system.


        • PeterMatanzas
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          If you don't mind saying, what's your Instagram account name? Mine is @peter_matanzas

        • gbauto
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          I use gbauto1 on IG

        Wouldn't it be great if growers could show pictures of trichomes with the weed they sell? You can fudge numbers but legit pictures would be just swell.
        Let's please not get into growers fudging pictures. Let's pretend they really are legit. Please?
        Weed is a gateway drug to people's hearts and minds.
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        Mother Earth Coco and Perlite
        Dyna Gro Foliage
        Dyna Gro Bloom


        • BU2B
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          They need to license photo's from Farmbuck Always amazing strain photo's.

        • bboyfromwayback
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          I’m into this idea! Especially since they have the means to do the research much easier and faster than home growers. Give us a range to stay in as far as temp and humidity goes then show pics with tris at different stages with the estimated % of thc or cbd.

        Platinum Bubba, Northern Lights, GG#4, GDP - Aprox. THC 25%, 20%, 24%, 22% All great strains in my book. Nice head high, great body high, no anxiety. There's a ton of good Indica and Indica hybrids to choose from but those are my 4 goto strains for the last few years.
        "I can't stop thinking big, I can't stop thinking big. In a world where I feel so small. I can't stop thinking big." Caravan | RUSH


          if you are opt to it, you should look at Ace's Kali strains such as Kali China.
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          Medium: organic, Fafard perlite, Fafard Urban Garden organic mix, Organic compost shrimps.
          Nutrients: Alaskan Fish, Advanced Nutrients Big Bud, Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth, Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal Mag Xtra
          Seeds: 9 GG#4 autos, 9 Amnesia Haze autos
          Grow room : 8X12X10, 2 industrial fans, 1 dehumidifier, 1 Vivosun carbon filter & controller
          And trying to grow Mexican landraces in the Yucatan. Well why not eh !!


          • Farmbuck
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            PeterMatanzas She is almost a pure Sativa 90% a cross if it's true between a Laos, Thai, Cambodia and a Afghani.

            I grew their Nepal Jam from them just for the purpose of making Hash.

            Here an excerpt of the history of Kali Mist :

            "[...] Many people have speculated about Kali Mist`s genetics, often claiming it also contains original Haze genetics (that`s wrong!), as Simon has not precisely revealed its pedigree. But even if he wanted to, he just would not be able: Simon had received Kali Mist`s ancestors from different growers who for the most part didn`t know themselves where they exactly originated from. Nevertheless, certain details are for sure. The wellknown author Mel Frank reported in 1996 that “Kali Mist appears to have much Southeast Asian character” and that he “grew Kali Mist ancestral stock in the early `80s in Oakland, California”. Well, we do not know whether there randomly was a direct connection between the stock Mel Frank grew back then and the material Simon used for breeding Kali Mist, but we know at least that Mel Frank guessed right – Kali Mist, indeed, has a strong Southeast Asian background, namely Cambodian genes which constitute a major influence in Kali Mist. And Simon reports that before he started working with the Kali Mist genetics, different US growers had already cultivated its ancestors, but not used it as breeding stock. The other ancestor that is definitely known is an Afghani indica, and Simon revealed that the breeding pattern consists of two sativa dominant hybrids. Furthermore he assumes that there are also Colombian and Thai genetics in Kali Mist`s ancestors.

            So what is for sure at least is the fact that the Kali Mist gene pool partly traces back to Cambodian and Afghani heritage and that its ancestral stock had previously been cultivated in the States. Interestingly, Simon made a trip to Cambodia in the past, trying to find high-grade landraces for refreshing and further advancing his Kali Mist, but wasn`t successful - he couldn`t find anything that was comparable to the Cambodian dominant lines he already had.

            Kali Mist looks back on a very eventful breeding history, its genetic composition has been changed several times due to certain circumstances. The initial Kali version that was available until 1997 resembled, as already mentioned above, very much a Southeast Asian sativa. But while its high was superior, Simon wanted to improve its medium yield and decided to increase the Afghani indica share. Accordingly Kali Mist got a new father with more indica genes. This resulted into Kali Mist plants with higher yields and shorter flowering times, but also decreased the calyx-to-leaf ratio and interfered with that sensationally clean sativa high. Hence many Kali Mist lovers were unsatisfied with this revised version, stating that quality would be more important to them than quantity. But this was only one reason that made Simon return to a more sativa dominant pattern again in 1998. The other was that he simply was forced to recompose the Kali Mist strain anew, due to the fact that two breeding gardens of Serious Seeds had been busted at almost the same time and all specimens of Kali Mist`s male parent had been confiscated by the police. So this male parent used at that time for producing Kali Mist seeds was lost, but luckily, Simon still had closely related genetic lines at his disposal that had survived at other locations. In the aftermath of this bust, Kali Mist seeds weren`t available for one year and Simon eagerly worked on a new genetic profile. He took the chance and decided to revive its original almost pure sativa character by using a sativa dominant third father for creating the new Kali Mist version for the next millennium. And Simon`s decision to celebrate a Kali Mist sativa revival was soon rewarded by winning the sativa category of the High Times Cup 2000. Kali Mist nowadays has a sativa content of about 80-90 percent. However, since its second revision, Kali Mist has a flowering time longer than ever before, it takes 70-90 days to ripen - but that`s still short compared to a pure Haze for example. And the unique sativa high from the early days of Kali Mist has successfully been restored. [...]"

          • PeterMatanzas
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            That is a most excellent post, thank you Farmbuck

          • Farmbuck
            Farmbuck commented
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            PeterMatanzas Oh yes the other breeder is Sagarmatha Seeds, they have "Kali Mist" under the name of "Western Winds", they have in regular and feminized. I would go with Serious Seeds. A bit more expensive but worth it.
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