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    Help with hydroponics setup

    Hi y'all, Im about to start a new challange here, doing my first hydroponic system at home. I am going to do DWC for start (that's seems to be the easiest for a first timer).

    I have a couple of question before I go shopping. So first of all I don't know how big buckets I'm going to need. I have a 1.2m*1.2m*2m Secret Jardin tent with 2 P600 viparspectra led lights. I have Expert Gorilla Auto Fem seeds which I cultivated many times in the same setup but in soil of course. I'm planning to do 8 as usual (it's giving me 60g/plant in soil so not bad).

    So the buckets. I read the rule of thumb is 3-4gallons which is roughly 15L/plant. Is that correct or should I go with smaller for autos (the size fits in the tent, its the same size as my pots)

    Next question would be feeding and aeration. I understand the plants need 1L/minute of air for each gallon but I'm not sure how does it actually works? I'm planning on buying an aerator that gives 1200L/hour, that would be 20L/minute, If I have 8 3-4 gallon bucket, that should do the math but is it correct in the realiy or should I buy better aerator?

    Last but not least, feeding. I found a wee chart on Advanced Hydroponics nute's website and I would like to ask your opinion on it. I include the photo. Can I follow that feeding for first or do you recommend another one?

    Sorry for the lot of questions I just wanna make sure I do everything right.

    Many thanks y'all

    I've been growing in hydro for 5 years now.
    I typically run a 4 site rdwc setup, but I also do random bubbler buckets when I run auto's.
    I would suggest 5 gallon buckets and 6" netlids. Smaller buckets don't have enough volume when the root ball gets big.
    Most of the auto's I've run will occupy a 2x2 footprint, so I would run 4 buckets in that tent .
    5x5 grow space
    900w of Vero's and F-strips
    4-17gal totes self-made UC system.


      Personally, I probably wouldn't go with hydro as a first timer. Too many things to go wrong, and if your temps aren't right you'll run in to root rot. That can be very discouraging when you're first starting out. I would probably recommend coco if you're wanting to mix nutrients. You get the same benefits but it's a lot harder to mess up from what I've found. Just my suggestion.

      That said, I started off growing in hydro too. I read the site over and over and decided to go for it. I didn't see the forum link for a while though and I kept running into problems because I had nobody that I could ask questions when I needed to. Anyway, shortly after joining here I switched from hydro to soil and my grows have improved drastically, even with trying coco now as well.


        The Nutes you show are the equivalent of General Hydroponic Flora trio and will work great for hydro. I've been growing hydro indoors for several years and while there is a bit of a learning curve, there is to anything. The good and the bad of growing in hydro is that most problems can be solved with a tub flush and fresh nutes and solution. That being said, you really need to keep an eye on your roots when doing a hydro grow. Most problems don't happen overnight, but can appear that way if you're not attentive. If you can get a 19 or 20 litre tub, that would be best.
        A few good simple rules to follow when doing dwc hydro -
        • Use less nutrients by about 1/3 than what is called for on the label
        • Good Aeration is a MUST
        • USE HYDROGUARD or the equivalent which is also sold by General Hydroponics of Holland
        • Avoid any and all light that might get into the tub, even reflected light from clear hoses
        • Keep a close eye on your roots - Any problems there should be addressed ASAP
        Should you have issues during your grow please start a new Forum Topic and select HELP as the prefix (click on Make a Post at the top of site menu) - this will tag your topic for a quicker answer from the community.
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          Thanks for the answes guys, i hope it will turn out as good as my previous soil grows.

          So BU2B you say i should go with a third less than the chart? So by calculation on the first weeks the chart recommends 1ml/L grow nute, that should be 18ml if im using an 18L tank. Should I go with only 12ml then? Also how often should I change the water entirely? Some sites says every weeks, some says in every month. Changing water every week seems like a waste of nutes


            As root issues are the biggest problem with growing hydro whether just starting out or for an experienced hydro grower I would start out with the recommended tub change time of 10 days to 2 weeks. Once you're comfortable with your hydro skills then you can start working out how you want to customize your grow. Yes 12ml for an 18l tub or 3ml for every 5ml called for on the label. Keep in mind you are adding 1ml +.5ml +.5ml +the recommended amount of Enzymes+ and PH Up or Down all to the same water. I would mix you nutrients in a jug prior to adding them to your tubs. Be sure and follow the logical growth order color of your nutrients - they are the color they are for a reason. Brown=Roots/Dirt Green=Leaves/Vegetation Pink/Red=Flowering. Make sure to mix your nutrients into your jug in the brown/green/pink order to avoid nutrient lock out. Your first hydro tub is going to have 18l of water + Enzymes+ +PH Up or Down +Some of each of the TRIO nutrients mixed in the logical growth order color. As far as it being a waste of nutes - at least your using 1/3 less.
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              Awesome. Thanks a lot bro now Im a bit more confident trying this hydrp thingy

              One last thing hit my mind. I have a couple of girls now, they are 2 weeks old so just planted then into soil (haven't bought the hydro setup yet). You think I can transfer them into the hydro system or should I sprout new ones?


              • BU2B
                BU2B commented
                Editing a comment
                Unfortunately - I don't think your plants already in soil will work with hydro.  The reason is that the roots at this point will be pretty well established and getting them all in and poking out of the net pot without doing damage that will kill the plant would be quite a challenge.  If it were me - I'd sprout new ones.

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