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When to cut nutes?? To finish best methods

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    COCO COIR When to cut nutes?? To finish best methods

    Just wondering if someone can advise me the best time to cut nutrients to you indoor to get the plant to finish propeely like certain plant syrain you get a rough idea how long flowering will be roughly like 8-10week or 65-75days but as thats geustimations but if yor acctually ahead and 70percent of trichomes are milky when shoul you just be giving her watee to force her to get its sugars from its leaves turning her leaves yellow should it be on water alreaday or when should you start to finish her properly everyone seems to feed to the end and is flushing a myth??

    Waiting for someone to chime in with an answer to this one. I have also pondered this question. It has been my experience that plants do not like to follow schedules.
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      Regardless what your answers will be, the decision is always yours. I'm STILL trying to narrow it down and I'm on my 6th grow. My limited experience indicates to me that flushing is not necessary...but different people have different tolerances.

      Another factor is what do YOU want? It sounds like you're not desiring any amber but wish to focus on THC. My guess is anytime now you can harvest. Good luck!!
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        man oh man I do not flush unless that is the only remedy left. Flushing is a very drastic way of dealing with nutrient issues and absolutely never flush in flower state unless the alternative is a lost grow. EDIT: Maybe it's me but I read quite a few posts on GWE about go ahead with flushing and I just think that's the last resort. I'm not an expert, I only know what works for me. I never flush until the alternative is a lost grow.

      The way I understand it, the reason for ceasing nutrients and flushing plants before harvest is to try and rid the plant of any of the synthetic nutrients a grower may have used and remain in a plant's tissues that can affect taste. Whether or not that is possible I don't really know. Lots of growers do it so I imagine it can't be too detrimental. If you grow in a natural living soil there really isn't any reason at all to try and flush. Plants have a natural cycle of growth and absorbing energy and nutrients from sun leaves is just part of that process. It's at this point that a plant is no longer trying to grow and is directing energy to reproduction (bud growth). Feeding more nutrients will not prolong or "force" a plant into keeping leaves green longer, just as not feeding them will cause them to absorb leaf nutrients faster. Just as deciduous tree's absorb energy from leaves and drop them for the winter, cannabis drops them in preparation for reproduction.


        When I grow in coco or hydro, I wait until I have almost zero clear tricks and then just water for 7-10 days. Usually ends up with some amber trics and a nice fade.
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          A in the past have run 15litre for 3 night before chopping n hang8ng but a want to finsh her right 2are looking ready but am only hitting 8 weeks flwr cone weds


            I'll normally wait until u see the tricombs start turning red on the calaxes. Flush till you have 15 to 20 % amber. Harvest. This my schedule I use. Depending on the kind of high you want adjust accordingly.


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