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    SOIL Brown spots

    I'm growing in a 2x4 room with 1200w LED light fixture and using soil that feed for 6 months, it's only been 2 months.. I've been trying to get the pH water and water soil is over 7 so I added pH down to make it 5.8.. I tested the run off and it was great, tried to test the soil but it seems to me that t my brand new pH soil tester is not moving on the scale..and I'm getting some fan leaves that have crispy brown spots on the leaves. I just watered yesterday and I'm not giving any food in the water.. should I give it a little bit of food??
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    Need to know strain, which soil, what is the true draw of watts on your lights, tap water or? Your pH might be the issue. Did you look at the GWE main site leaf problem identifier? The bottom of your pot's drainage holes look there's a buildup of something. Where on your plant are these bad leaves?
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      I'm growing in a 6 month feed miracle soil that feed for 6 months..I had issues with the pH and had to flush.. don't know the stand I'm growing, the seed was giving to me. Light source is 1200w LED light fixture..I used pH down because the pH is about 7 without it.. so I added a little bit of fertilizer and pH was a 6.. don't know if I have fried them or what.
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      • SoOrbudgal
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        I would stop using that food you are overloading those plants toxic. Need to be transplanted anyway larger pot lots of drainage holes. Get a better soil not that or definitly mix some plain no nute soil into it.

      Thanks.. I will definitely get on it.. this is my first time growing inside..


      • Puglover1
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        Were your pots used before? The bottoms look like they were sitting in runoff water. What is your light's brand and model? My first 1200W LED was actually drawing 240 watts. Yeah, Miracle Grow isn't great for growing cannabis. Add perlite to your soil.

      Over all your plants look pretty good. But I'd like to echo what SoOrbudgal said. Up pot into a pot around 5 gallons. Stay away from Miracle-Gro soils. Ask your local garden center for a good tomato soil. Mix in 20% to 25% perlite and water.
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