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Pump Bag Tip Over Problem Potentially Solved

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    HYDRO Pump Bag Tip Over Problem Potentially Solved

    Let me start with a little back story. In 2018 once I decided to grow while doing research I acquired 3 catalogs of growing equipment to look through for ideas of items I could use in building my setup. In 1 of them they had pump bags that you could place nutrient pumps in to keep debris from building up and clogging pumps filter. Earlier this year I had issues in one of my totes that led me to wanting to incorporate these bags into my grow. In that grow there were plenty of roots in the tote that held the bag and pump in place. I decided to continue using these bags being pleased with how well the first one worked for me. This brings me to my current grow and finding daily that the lack of roots in early part of grow lets the pumps and bags to tip over creating the possibility of roots entering top of bag. After weeks of repositioning the bag/pump combinations daily I had the thought that since pump suction cup feet can't stick to the bottom of tote, I could make something that they would stick to while in the bag to help keep them from tipping over. A couple of days ago I remembered I had some of the 1/4" thick plastic I bought to make a bracket for my RO water faucet to mount into. Today I proceeded to cut the plastic into 3 pieces then took files to smooth out the rough marks caused by cutting to make cleaning and sanitation easier for reusing. So far so good I'll know for sure within a day if this keeps everything standing upright like I want.

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