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    setup question

    well i made a small setup 0.5×1 m and 1 m height box . 105 watt cfl with a reflector and a fan for ventilation .First question is if i can start three plants for veging two three weeks and tgen outside(autos) and the other questiin is if i could fully grow a photoperiod plant if i also purchase a 125 cfl warm light for flower and what the yield and potency could be . Alsotake into consideration that i have every biobizz product also light mix soil and mycorizhal white shark. what i was thinking is one photo plant with lst and toping to keep it short

    Howdy Giannhs, I have been using four 55 watt CFL lamps (two @ 2700° K and two @ 5000° K) for each of My Bubble-phonic reservoirs. I use both of the different light colors at the same time and I have been getting yields from 12 to 17 ounces (combined from 3 to 4 plants). The 'sparkle' of the buds has not been as good as I would like, so this next grow, I am 'up grading' the lights to 480 watts with 200 watts of 2700° K, 200 watts of 5000° K , and 80 watts of UV CFL lamps. I hope to accomplish two things, first, shorten the grow time (previous grows were from 23 to 26 weeks, total), and secondly, improve the terpene production.
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