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    HYDRO Root rot

    I am a noob starting my first ever indoor hydroponic tent grow but have had real difficulty getting my ladies past seedling stage before they suffer from damping off or root rot. I am using rockwool starter cubes and intend to transfer them to larger cubes and then use a recycled drip system reservoir. I still haven’t even managed to get them past starter cube stage and its really haunting me. I have tried diluted H2O2 to try and salvage them to no avail. After some research I understand that ‘beneficial bacteria’ alongside nutrients (I am using tripart GH nutes) can help in preventing and fighting off root rot. The brand I keep coming across is Botanicare Hydroguard. I have also heard about SnakeOil and Great White. The problem is I am in Europe and none of these products seem available unless for an extortionate price. I have also heard that using some sort of pond bacteria could work. What are peoples opinions on these products? Can anybody suggest any affordable alternatives?

    Really would be so appreciative of any advice!

    Howdy theoellis, I control the root rot (brown algae) in My reservoirs by keeping the water temperature between 62° F and 70° F (17° C - 21° C) buy using ice bottles, changed out as needed. Also I block out all light leaks into the reservoir with aluminum foil over the net pots, pebbles, rock wool cubes, and never use clear or transparent tubing (it can act as a 'light pipe' letting light get into the reservoir). as long as light gets to the rockwool cube, the green algae will grow, but the aluminum foil will help to keep it down. One more thing, keep the water very well aerated, I use a quad outlet air pump with four 2 inch by 4 inch air stones in each of my six gallon reservoirs. If the root rot does start up, I add four ounces of H2O2 (per gallon) into the reservoir at the nutrient change (each week, do not let the nutrient get too old) and at the mid week top off.
    Good luck with Your grow.
    Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


      Thank you for your reply bro! Very useful advice. All the best


        Hey bro sorry it’s me again. Not sure how to directly reply to your post, but what do you recon is the best growing medium? Is Hydroton better than Rockwool?


          Originally posted by DW2 View Post
          net pots, pebbles, rock wool
          Which medium do you use, or recommend for a beginner?


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            Howdy theoellis, I have been using a combination (of sorts). I use the 1 1/2 inch rockwool starter cubes nested in the hydroton pebbles (in 3 3/4 inch net pots). The hydroton pebbles give the roots an 'airy' place to grow, the rockwool tends to hold too mush water and does not drain well, giving an ideal condition for fungi and algae to get a start. I place the irrigation (drip lines) at the bottom of the rockwool cubes to encourage the roots to develop down into the reservoir and to keep the cubes from getting (and staying) too wet. When I germinate the seeds (paper towel method) I place them into the cubes and cover the cube and net pot with aluminum foil, leaving only a small hole fro the sprout (the foil will tear as the stem of the plant grows) to grow thru. This 'method' has worked well for Me, in a few more weeks, I'll be starting the eleventh grow.

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