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    HYDRO Need help

    New grower 5 week flower could someone tell me the problem

    Not really with out any more info. Need info on nutes, setup, temps (tent and res), pH ect. How do the roots look? How does the res smell? Are you properly aerating the res and keeping it below 72 deg F and keeping biologics out of the res? It definitely doesnt like what you are doing, but without knowing what you are doing we cant tell you what the issue is.


      My ph meter was broke without me knowing it was showing 8.0 so I was ph downing to 5.8 and next day this happened but I did it to 3 out 4 gallon buckets and it only happened to this one


        Hydroponics flora serious


          I lowered the ppm to 900-1000


            Howdy Shag129, with the little information that You posted, it would appear to be a pH problem. I do not use pH pens because them can give incorrect readings (even the good pens) when use incorrectly or stored improperly. That is why I have been using pH test strips, they always work, no calibration or batteries required! (LOL!).
            Good luck with Your grow.
            Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


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