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    Please help w diagnosing

    I'm crossposting this (also put in the sticky 'problems' post). This is my 2nd grow and most of my plants seem to be fine. But I got up yesterday to this. I have no idea what is going on with her. I added one 'before' pic for contrast.

    I'm looking at these pictures and don't remember the particulars of your other post.

    Is this plant a different strain than the others? I'm looking at your fan leaves. The suspect plant looks like it has a different leaf structure than the plants in the periphery.

    It looks to me like, maybe, two issues: windburn and nute burn. Clawed, discolored leaves for the wind. Although I'm not quite down with the idea. Dead leaf tips and discoloration from nute burn. Was this plant sitting in the same position, turned, as it was when you found the issue? Was the plant close to a window or other reflective surface that might have heat burned it?

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      What about ph levels ?
      watering schedule? Amount of nutes given?

      looks overwatered to me. With either Ph problems or deficiency
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      • Tersky
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        Second this. Most likely either nute lock, ph or root issues. Possible deficiencies due to either nute lock out or improper pH (most likely). Need to know more about the grow in order to give accurate advice. However if someone gifted me this plant with no info i would first flush with pH'd water (2-3x container size in volume) then allow to dry then start with light feeding as well as removing dead or dying leaves.
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      This plant was by itself (see Before pic) on the other side of the patio. It was runty and I had it separated from the bunch. I moved it today in case it was wind-burn. The other side of the patio has a 8ft wall that offers better wind protection.


        It looks like the issue is more with your broad leafed (more indica dominate) plant(s). Is this the case?
        Are they all getting the same amount of nutes and water or are you playing it by feel and watering as the growing medium 'feels' like it needs it?

        Often different strains require different amounts of nutrients and water. However, as a side note the rapid onset 'could be' related to root issues.

        My initial assessment is over watering and nutrient imbalance. I would suggest
        • flushing your affected plants with RO water that has been ph balanced to around 6 and has 1tsp of hydrogen peroxide per gallon. Run enough liquid so that your growing medium is completely flushed of nutrients.
        • Next I would cut off the affected leaves, your plant will expend energy trying to fix them and it can't, at this point they're doing more harm than good.
        • Before you water the plant again make sure the growing medium is dry or barely damp to a depth of the second joint of your index finger.
        • If you think it might be wind burn (over night?) then take the required action to prevent it.
        • For the first watering of the recovering plant(s) us ph balanced water with two tsp of hydrogen peroxide per gallon
        I find that very few things are actually 'over night' they just appear that way when things reach a tipping point. Looking at your girls with fresh eyes each time you see them is easier said than done, but, for me; I find that when I pay closer attention and don't get complacent - the girls do better.

        Hope this helps,
        Happy Pharming
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          Poor people make rich people.
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            Just an observation from your pics, if those pots are sitting on hot concrete it possible you burnt the roots. Only did that once..2 hrs and almost roasted them. If it’s going on concrete I always use some kind of riser.
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            • GreenState
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              Interesting comment, as I've recently taken to wrapping a white towel around my black container when my plant is on the deck.
              Those black containers can get very hot for sure.

            Has it been hot r those leaves crispy I usually see yellowish leaves if mine get to much rain heat might be a problem


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