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    HELP! Help, mold?

    I'm using an outdoor greenhouse/grow tent and after returning from vacation it appears I have a mold problem. I have all of the flaps open in the tent but it has been an unusually wet summer so I'm assuming the additional humidity is the cause here. Besides cutting out the effected spots and opening up the door flap to allow for greater ventilation, is there anything else I can do to kill off/prevent this mold from forming? I only use a soaker hose at the base of the plants for watering so the top parts of the plant *should* be remaining dry.

    Looks like bud rot to me. Could be bud worm. Humidity has been awful for us in the northeast this year. Try not to spread any of the spores onto healthy buds when removing the rot.
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      Bud rot. Cut it. only thing u can do. Then try to improve the environment.
      Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.


        Thanks, I figured it was bud rot, I've cut out what I can and I've opened the door so hopefully the humidity will drop and help prevent any additional spread.


          I have the same thing happening. Racing to cloudy tricomes to harvest.
          Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.


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            Yeah, this is my first year with auto flowering strains and I don't think I'm remotely ready to harvest yet. But if the rot gets worse I may just have to harvest what I can :-(

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