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Growing in Bush Doctor Coco Loco

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    COCO COIR Growing in Bush Doctor Coco Loco

    Hey every one.
    First time grower. I currently have my first grow flowering in DWC buckets and aside from some minor hiccups its going very well however for my next run I want to try growing in coco instead. The buckets are alot of work and i want something a little more simple with similar results. My first month of growing i used fox farm ocean forrest and for what ever reason (probably overwatering) it was a blood bath. All my plants eventually wilted and died. I've been looking at trying fox farms coco loco and I"m just wondering if anyone uses this or has experience using it. I know you have to treat it more like soil but I have a hard time finding any info on it. If any one can shed some light for me i.e. what ph you use how often to water do you recomend it etc.. it would be greatly appreciated.


    Hi hiteklolif. Fox Farm Coco Loco is not a coco coir product, it is a soil that also contains some coco coir for improved water retention.


      Mother earth 70/30 coco and perlite. Already mixed, washed and charged with cal-mag. I rinse mine with clean pH water and recharge it again with some cal-mag. I also add a couple handfuls of perlite when I put it in the bucket.

      Check out NebulaHaze on GWE,she is a coco freakin ninja! Follow her tutorials and you will be successful.

      Works great!
      Happy farming! 🙂🌱
      2X4X6 Quictent
      1.5x3x5 Gorilla tent
      600w LED (80)
      1000w LED (180)
      2 X Viparspectra P-1000
      2 X 4" fan with carbon filter ducted to unused boiler chimney
      6" battery/usb fans
      Mother Earth 70/30 coco/perlite
      GH trio with Calimagic
      Lung room humidifier
      3 and 5 gal plastic buckets Nebulas coco for autos nute schedule.
      ArmorSi, kelp when needed
      Running at pH 6.0

      Grow 3
      Northern Lights auto
      auto 00 Kush

      Grow 4 8/23
      2x Northern lights auto
      1 auto 00 Kush
      1 Critical photo

      Don't just "grow weed",
      Cultivate a masterpiece.


        Thanks for the info. I was thinking about going with mother earth coco but i'm not sure if my local hydro stores carry it. I'd probably be better off considering how terrible my soil experience was.


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