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How would you dry & cure outdoor grow flowers when you also have indoor growing?

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  • DeadlyFruit
    The last time I had that predicament I cut the branches short enough to fit into one of those big stacked mesh drying racks in a screened tube that you hang up. I hung it in my garden shed. This worked pretty well for me (thankfully the humidity was decent outside at the time). I’ve seen pictures of harvests hanging from beams in an old barn so it is more protected than that. You could also hang your branches in a shed/garage but rather than a drying rack have each inside a paper bag if you are worried about bugs or similar contaminants. I hear that works pretty well, especially if your air is dry. If the air is humid you might remove the buds and dry them on the drying rack.

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  • gbauto
    I've always used a spare bathroom shower to hang/dry my girls.
    It will maintain 60%RH consistently, so it allows a slow dry and then I jar and cure from there.
    So far, I haven't run into any cross-contamination.

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  • How would you dry & cure outdoor grow flowers when you also have indoor growing?

    Hello everyone. I've grown flowers for a few years but I have never grown indoor while also having an outdoor grow.

    Eventually I'm going to have to dry/cure this current outdoor grow, and the indoor won't be finished when that happens. I have a room dedicated to dry/curing but it is right next to the room with the indoor grow. So I don't want to bring any insects or other trouble into the dry/cure room that might make it into the indoor grow.

    I don't know how I'm going to handle this. I've thought about bringing the outdoor into the laundry room, which is far from the indoor grow, but this is still dangerous because there might be insects/mold pollen/etc. that migrate from the outdoor to the indoor.

    Any feedback is well appreciated. Thanks, everyone.

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