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Anybody know the equivalent to Hydroguard in Europe?

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    HYDRO Anybody know the equivalent to Hydroguard in Europe?

    Greetings fellow growers!
    I've got a small hydro setup, just to play with. However my playing has resulted in some brown slimy roots
    I can't find any of the root treatments mentioned on GWE in Europe - no Hydroguard etc.
    Anyone know what I can buy over here? (Hello from Prague!)

    Look at the back ofthe bottle and see what the ingredients are. Maybe that will help or give you an idea


      Howdy AlecTheDalek, I am about to start my eleventh hydro grow (DWC) and it sounds , to me, that You have 'root rot' (brown algae). There are several measures that one can take to reduce and even prevent it from forming and hurting Your plants. First keep the water temperature between 62° F and 70° F (17° C - 21° C), second keep the water well aerated , and third block out all possible light leaks, I cover the hydroton pebbles with aluminum foil and never use clear tubing for the irrigation (drip) and air lines. If You do have a bloom of algae, a dose (I use 4 ounces in six gallon reservoir) of hydrogen peroxide to 'shock' it and kill it off. I tried the Hydro-guard several grows back and it did not keep it out, I have had better results by using the above method.
      Good luck with Your growing.
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        You are right on DW2. Keeping the light out and heat down are key.
        I also use Southern AG Garden Friendly Fungicide in my reservoirs. It’s concentrated so it goes a long way and I haven’t had any root rot. It is available from Amazon but Don’t know if it’s available in Europe. Good luck AlecThe Dalek


          AlecTheDalek You may want to check out Advanced Hydroponics of Holland It Looks like their Enzymes+ is a Hydroguard equivalent:
          Click image for larger version

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          Hope this helps. Happy Pharming!
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            Thanks all for the ideas! I've done a peroxide treatment and ordered some "enzymes" as that seems to be the equivalent term over here (thanks BU2B !)


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