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First Grow! After reading a zillion HOWTO's online...

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    First Grow! After reading a zillion HOWTO's online...

    Love this, well, growing things - super fun

    Quick recap:
    • Got the seeds 6 days ago, Sweet Seeds Black Jack, popped into water for 12 hrs
    • Put seeds on soaked paper towel in closed container, gor root sprouts overnight
    • Plop into pots, soil with 20% perlite. first leaves out of dirt overnight. Place indors in south-facing window and wait a day.
    • Day after, first outdoor-experience - live in Mallorca so it's pretty hot and sunny these days.

    Like everybody doing their first grow, mine relates to watering... I weighed the pots, so know it's 30g when dry and 60g when soaked.

    So far:
    • Destilled water only, soil have some nutrients.
    • Watering before they get into direct sun in the morning, up to around 45g - which would be around 50% water saturation of the soil.
    • Some spraying/misting too - they seem to like it.
    • Covered up the pots, so direct sun only on the plants
    • At the end of the day pots are pretty dry and ladies still happy.
    • They grow fast!

    Now, using the weight of the pots as an indicator, can this be done better? How can I improve on the wet/dry cycle?


    One of the little ladies this morning after some misting
    Click image for larger version  Name:	1625149054208.png Views:	0 Size:	4.02 MB ID:	523190
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    Depends how you will be growing? Bottled nutrients growers usually let it dry out to an inch deep then water. I grow in “living soil” which needs to stay moist at all times. I always see an explosion of growth and healthy plants when I’m on top of my watering and keep the soil moist. When I let it dry out a bit at the top I see a decline in health and growth.


    • stridex
      stridex commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks for the input, mate.

      Since my pots are made of this Coco stuff I guess they're similar to fabric ones.
      If I water until it runs out at the bottom I can place them on paper tissue, and easily bring soil moisture down.

      So far I've tried keeping it below 50%.

      Sure, it's micro-management. With COVID around and home office, it allows me to give the ladies constant attention!

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