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    HELP! Male or female

    I'm having some difficulty trying to sex this plant!
    I have 3 auto flowers that are doing well, but this is a random seed that was given to me by a friend. It is healthy and growing very well, I just need a better eye to give me a clue.
    I want to use this as a mother for clones, so it is important that I know before going through the process.
    Any ideas?

    Hi NewfieLori
    It's hard to tell from your photos. It may be a little early to tell. See the photo below. Please give us a better photo of the thing at the arrow. Is there a small hair coming out of it?
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    • GreenState
      GreenState commented
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      Looks like it could be female to me..

    The last picture almost looks male. But I agree too early to tell


      I see a tiny little pistil.
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        Ok maybe it is a little early and I'm a little anxious. It was planted Feb. 23rd so it's coming up on 7 week mark. I'll keep careful eye on it. Thanks for the help!


        • SoOrbudgal
          SoOrbudgal commented
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          I'm in the spot your in right now also, waiting to be able to see male parts. Mine are autos reg seeds they are so small the pollen sacks when they first show but in 3days they are almost like clusters of grapes. Photo plants of course are a tad larger. Good luck and that's a healthy looking plant hope she's a female for ya.

        I took about 50 pics today from every angle..scrutinizing every photo. This looks like a pistil to me but honestly it is like the only one on there. MAY be 2 , as I was taking so many pictures. Thoughts anyone? This plant is driving me nuts. I think I'll just clone it anyway and put her in 12/12 mode and see what happens. Nearly 8 weeks old. It's such a beautiful healthy plant, I shudder at the thought that it may be male.


        • TheKieftan
          TheKieftan commented
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          The left definitely has a pistil so female



          Not sure why the text didn't show up. Definitely a female. Hair out of the calyx. The picture I posted was a male I waited 2 weeks for just to make sure it didn't sprout a hair. If you're unsure of a plant sex take a clone and put it directly in 12/12 and within a week it should show it's sex. Good luck and happy growing. I hope she turns out to be a beauty


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