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Best way to clone this (can it even be done)?

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    Best way to clone this (can it even be done)?

    I had another Silver Surfer clone (from my original plant) that I was going to keep as a bonsai mother...trouble is, she started flowering before I could top her (been in a windowsill, and my mom didn't think turning my small supplemental grow light off at sundown mattered much....). Mainstem and branches are woody but not too hard, and I'm pinching off budlets that I can get to but it's getting dense. No I don't know when exactly it started flowering What would be the best way to get a cutting to take? While I've generally had good luck with the water-only method, I'm not sure how successful it would be in this case. My plan would be to take a cutting, wrap the cut end tightly in a wet paper towel and remove as many calyxes as I can before trying to root...or is it already too stressed?

    I can get a pic of the whole plant as soon as my phone starts playing nice again...probably tomorrow or later tonight.
    ****tent (2x4) and large light (Relassy 300W LED) is in storage for now until I can solve some household electrical issues****

    CoM Stonington Blend soil, distilled water; Liquid Squid amendment if needed, molasses for flowering

    "I'm making perfect sense. You're just not keeping up."

    Just because it’s flowering doesn’t mean you can’t clone it. That’s just monster cropping. I’ve taken cuttings as late as 8 weeks into flower as long as your plant is healthy it’s not going to hurt it. I just cut a clone off my sour kush that’s 5 weeks into flower with nitrogen issues and it didn’t hurt it.


      Take your cutting from the bottom of the plant, cut at a 45 then shave the cutting to expose the green skin of the stem dip into rooting jel then into prepped rockwool and in an dome with a small light and heating mat. This is the clone i took just for fun, not a healthy cutting at all but is now on day4 from cutting and like I said was in week 5 of flower but was taken from the bottom of the plant for a better chance of rooting Click image for larger version

Name:	7B65FD83-B6AD-44C9-9536-EED09089B9D4.jpeg
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	5E0E3094-DBA1-4264-B387-FD926529B95D.jpeg
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ID:	503284 The mother plant. not healthy at all serious nitrogen issues I’m just to fed up with this plant to care it’s been the fussiest strain I’ve ever grow, this plant is 4th generation from seed I started over a year ago. This cutting was taken from the mother when she was 4 weeks into flower.

        the only downside to monster cropping is it can take a while for the plants to switch back to veg and actually start growing branches out of the bud itself.


          Exactly right Willyd it will take a good month or so when it's happened to me. But you sure can do it @WierdWildWolf she'll root and look wierd single leaf it's just gonna take a while. All my outdoor last summer revegged took months but i worked my arse off getting them back into normal looking.


            Taken in flower and kept there, I call them lollipops. Next taken in flower and revegged, and another being revegged.


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              Now i'm glad i cloned my GG#4 it may work out for outdoor i think i can hold them till mid june without going into flower again LOL. Don't want to repeat last summer. I love those little flower clones Rwise

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