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    Cardinal sin

    Hey all ,

    I fucked up and sprayed my buds withs Neem πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯, been battling spider mites and just straight forgot I wasnt meant to use Neem !!!

    I was always planning on turning it into oil. So what I'm asking is it all doom and gloom ? Will the decarboxylation burn it off before making oil ??

    I wouldn't smoke buds with neem sprayed on them. Maybe Farmbuck can chime in. It can potentially get you sick AF.
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      It's going to taste like shit.
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        Noooooooooo don't smoke it or you could end up with a severe allergy like me !!

        Don't waste your time with it, not only it taste shitty but I came close to land at the hospital.
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          Here’s a great review on Neem Oil. It has a bunch of health related info.

          Neem Oil Review

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            Alcohol is the safest treatment to spider mites.
            neem oil isn’t even healthy, especially not for humans for consumption
            Just because people are over 50 doesn’t mean they know everything.
            You can teach a old dog new tricks - But it will still think the old ways are the β€œbest” lol


            • Brianm
              Brianm commented
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              I agree captain, I had 4 plants effected with mites and I used Dawn mixed with alcohol and it did kill most. On the second dose, I put a little too much alcohol in mix and it burned and really stressed plants out! I added fans and pulled light up a bit, misted them morning and evening and resolved mite problem and plants were revived. Just want to warn against too much alcohol, it can burn plants and stress them.

            • CaptainWiese91
              CaptainWiese91 commented
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              Agreed I’m using a ratio of 50/50 alcohol and water

            • MrPNW
              MrPNW commented
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              Interesting on the alcohol. When I tried to clean my pruning scissors with 99% alc it did nothing. I was amazed at how tough the trichs’ oils are. Good to know about the 50/50 mix for mites.

              Not surprised how too strong a mix could stress them. A few years back I asked my pain specialist how a nerve is killed, he told me they use alcohol.

            Kool, I was wondering of a safe mixture and will remember that if I ever have to deal with those things again as I’m taking one of my clones to try and out dr grow to compare the mother stain- Bl. Widow. Thanks for info Captain


              I'm still very new to all this but very interested curious as to what do you mean by alcohol ? Do I get the vodka from the cupboard or is there a alcohol solution you guys use πŸ€”


              • MrPNW
                MrPNW commented
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                The best alcohol I’ve ever used is 99% isopropyl alcohol found in the medicine section of all grocery stores.

                To clarify, that’s pure so they are talking about diluting with water. You can also use Rubbing Alcohol which is usually diluted 70%.
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