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    HELP! Split stem!!

    Had a lot of trouble with this little lady over time. She an unknown sourced seed, outdoor, and growing in potting soil - my urgency is ; yesterday I finally transferred her to a larger pot that she’d been waiting on - I also tied down her branches. 😔 my excitement I SPLIT HER STEM STRAIGHT DOWN THE CENTRE!! Photos provided. What can I do to save her??, if she even salvageable at all?!?!? Please help
    (It’s getting dark so pics aren’t best)
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    When I split one like that I use solid copper (THHN) insulated wire and wind around it, or tie them up. She will be fine as long as they dont break off.


      All you can do is pull it together and wrap some tape around it. You will be surprised how fast it heals. After a week or two it will bond. I've split my stem clear in have twice and both times they recovered. Good luck.
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        Thank you thank you fellow growers! I was worried i could caused this poor girl her last booboo!! 👍


          I wiped a little aloe Vera gel on the split and tapped her up with a little duk tape. Fingers crossed 🤞 she heals up fine - I did notice after it was all done and I was cleaning up my mess, that the aloe leaf I had cut off for the repair, had been leaking like a fluorescent yellow type liquid - hope the aloe gel from it was fine - thanks again for ur advice guys


            Agreed with the guys above, get some rubber wire, loop round and twist to bind it. I've had similar splits in my last two grows but it never caused any issues as far as I'm aware. The wire will stop it splitting any further and allow it to heal over a bit. Just like a band aid on a cut

            ​​Good luck!



              yeah your good even a small ziptie has worked for me then just tape her up. she'll heal
              If you get confused....listen to the music play


              • CaptainWiese91
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                Zip ties for the win💪🏻 I use them also

              Don’t worry you’ll get used to snapping stems on a regular basis 😂 If you look after them you’ll see how tough these little ladies are and how quickly they’ll heal themselves


                ^^^ EXACTLY
                As long as the branch isn't severed, it'll be fine.
                I would try to provide some structural support to the affected branches until they 'knuckle' and form a callous.
                My 1st outdoor grow I ended up with a 10' tree that proceeded to split open just like that.
                Used some bamboo stakes to support the damaged branches.
                I think I yielded almost a couple of pounds from that girl.
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                  Wow that’s crazy good!!

                Thanks everyone, u continue to give me confidence! Iv messed this lady up so many times from seed to now and she still staunch enough to keep growing!! So proud!!


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