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Why my plant is dying

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    HELP! Why my plant is dying

    Hey guys if anyone have a tested Idea please help me.

    My plant is in the 4th week of flower, I am using a dehumidifier please look at the picture.
    the dehumidifier started leaking I know it has less tha n 100ml but my plant took it all from the ground and today morning it looks poisoned and dying I flushed it with 6.5 ph water.

    The water comming out of the dehumidifier is greasy and clearly look that there is something in it.

    I am waiting to see if the plant respond to the flush or it will die but can anyone give something to do to make sure it won't die

    That unit looks to use salt or calcium chloride to dry the air, you dont want either of these in your soil. What is the active chemical used to dry the air?
    My dehumidifier runs on electricity and many claim the water can be consumed, not here I toss it out.


      The plants sat on the floor and wicked up the fluid from dehumidifier? No answers other than a flush and a prayer
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        I agree with SoOrbudgal. Let it dry out pretty good before you give it anything.

      it looks overwatered too. Just make sure it dries out to at least the first 2 inches deep of soil. more information would be helpful such as light source, growing medium (what kind of soil) heat and humidity readings and that you are sure your PH meter is properly calibrated.
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