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Yellowing of the leaves

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    SOIL Yellowing of the leaves

    My Leaves started to yellow. I'm thinking that it's light stress but wanted to make sure. This is my first grow and one of my first issues.

    It's definitively not light burn but rather some immobile nutrient deficiency, since it's manifesting first on the newer growth. From the looks of it, it would seem like a zinc deficiency, which is usually a sign of a pH problem (probably too alkaline). Are you measuring your water/nutrient pH? How about the run-off? If you're getting hard water from the tap, you should lower it's pH with a "pH down" solution or just some vinegar, but don't try to eyeball it, it takes a surprisingly low amount of pH down/vinegar to acidify hard water.


    • Kpeels
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      Thanks for your response. I was allowing someone to learn how to pH and I don't think they did it correctly, should I flush it and add new nutrients?

    • azorahai
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      You can flush with water or nutes, depending on your schedule, but try to keep it within 6-7 pH (recommended range for soil) and check your run-off if it's too alkaline/acidic.

    I agree it looks like a root zone or PH issue.


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