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    Congratulations to everyone living in legal land. My liberal ass state needs to get its ass in gear. Its been talked about a few times but fail each time. All the states around me are legalizing but not CT... Dafque!?!! My day will come, it will, it has too!
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    • Bowhunterwoody
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      Let's hope this year!!. He's really pushing it. Wants the $$.

    • PLreef
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      Man, I really hope so. Im surprise that CT hasn't yet. Why not get extra revenue? Figured Lamont would be all over it.

    Congrats on your new rights.
    I live in a DEEP red state, so medical is practically nonexistent.
    I've been growing my meds for 5 years now as an alternative to narcotic pain management.
    For me, nothing will change until the fed removes/reschedules cannabis from the Controlled Substance Act.
    What I pray happens before I die is that I'll have legal access to both cannabis AND narcotic pain management.
    Cannabis is a GREAT adjunct for narcotic pain management.
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      Oklahoma is deep red too, and we got it passed. You must educate the public, ask folks what it means for it to be illegal, and here is the response to give them. It means that any school kid can get it, why its just illegal and cannot be controlled. And it also means that a ton of tax dollars goes to incriminate those that would be tax paying citizens if they could. Here it made many jobs just in time for this pandemic, lots of tax dollars are now going to the state rather than feeding organized crime! These states need to wake up and smell the tax dollars slipping away into the black market and off to Mexico. And it aint chump change either!


      • desertdan
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        It is very hard to find Mexican pot in Tucson now. No one wants to smoke it.

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        Hard to believe in such a red state. Didn't think it would happen. Now the wait for modifications. Still, regardless, a big step forward!


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