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Cal-Mag deficiency: dolomite lime, cal-mag, molasses or other?

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  • MeEasy
    Only looking at a single pic and also pretty new to organics. I just want to point out that a potassium issue looks similar to calcium and pot issues can cause a problem with your calcium. This pic (you probably have) it's hard to read but if you read the box for both cal and pot it might help. Just a shot in the dark in an attempt to help. I want to share these links with you to there's a lot of info, you might have these as well... good luck 🌳😎

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  • JohnEmad
    If I were to wager a guess I would say the problem is the ph swinging which can show up as a calcium deficiency. Normally a cal/mag deficiency will cause the leaves to fade to a more yellowish green color between the veins.
    I am not an organic grower but I do grow in coco/perlite and have encountered this several times.
    Let's see what the organic people say.

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  • Cal-Mag deficiency: dolomite lime, cal-mag, molasses or other?

    I posted earlier about a deficiency in my organic bloody skunk auto that has started arising and had it diagnosed as Cal-Mag deficient. However, after doing much reading and talking to others locally, I’m having a hard time pinning an answer for what do use/do.

    I’ve purchased dolomite lime, as they said it’s best for the Organic microbiology in the coco, But they mentioned it’d be best to put a cal-mag supplement in right aways (as the dolomite lime takes a while to break down to a usable nutrient for the plant)

    Everyone else seems to say the same thing, or the complete opposite. I’d prefer to stick organically, but if it’s better to give it a 1-2 time Supplement feeding, then I’d rather keep her in good health and just get her through this.

    I have:
    -cal-mag by diablo nutrients,
    -dolomite lime
    -wholesome brand black strap molasses (unsulphured)

    I’ve been debating the dolomite lime and water in with molasses, but I’m new to organic growing, so I wanted to check which is probably my best option. Any advice is appreciated, really want to double check before possibly making the situation worse

    (Will definitely make sure i’ll be adding Dolomite lime in the future grows to avoid this issue next time)
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