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Cutting too tall colas early if too close to lights?

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    HELP! Cutting too tall colas early if too close to lights?

    Hey GWE, I'm on my first grow

    I'm growing Dutch Passion auto's, and didn't do much plant training at all. Even though I have a 6' grow tent, and just a VivaSpectra v450 LED light, my 3 plants are huge!

    Setup: 4x2x6 tent. Vivaspectra v450. Coco Coir. Coco Canna nutes w/ Cal+Mag supplement. Ph'd water.

    I'm probably a month from harvest, and some of the colas are less than 4 inches away from the LEDs. My lights are absolutely as high as I can get them. I had to drop from 18 to 12 hours of light a day just to minimize light burn.

    - Should I top the cola's that are getting burned/bleached? Will this hurt this last month's finish, causing trauma and slowing flowering/fattening in other parts of the plant? When I say top, I mean cut off a portion of the tallest colas, that are probably getting ruined anyhow (duh you all know the term, but idk if I'm using it correctly lol).

    Also, any other advice for my situation? I'm all ears

    Thanks GWE!

    Is there anyway you can bend them down or at least out of the way of the light? That would be far better, especially with autos since that terminal cola always seems to be the largest.


      Welcome to GWE
      Our girls luv to be bent over and tied down!



        I had to do this last grow...nerve wracking the first time but it does work and the plant just chugs along.


        • ncjoker
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          Thanks Older!

        Tie em down. Don't cut em.
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        • gbauto
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          I would super-crop the unruly colas.
          I've had to do this on some of my indoor grows, so I think that the girls probably won't even give you a hiccup.

        yeah bend them out of the way


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