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Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

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    Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

    This is the second plant from my first grow. My first plant made it about 8 weeks but was doing terrible after week 5 or so. Had so many leaves dying and never made any buds at all so i tossed her. This girl was germinated about 3 weeks after my first one. Now that shes around the same age im seeing the same issues. Some of the lower fan leaves are starting to turn yellow. Some of the yellow leaves are developing brown spots that turn crispy and dead. I have done a ton of research over the past 3 months and just cant figure out what im doing wrong. Any advice would be much appreciated by this novice grower! First plant i was very light on the nutes until the end. This girl i have made sure i stay on top of my nutrient schedule but i seem t be having the same problems. So disappointing.

    - GG#4 Autoflower feminized seeds from MSNL
    - Fox farm happy frog soil/ 5 gal pots
    - 8 weeks old from seed.
    - Temps 68-80f/ Humidity 40-60%
    - Sf-2000 LED light approx. 20-24" above canopy. 20/4 light schedule.
    - Water between 6-6.8PH tested with digital meter (recently calibrated) - Runoff also tests within the proper range.
    - No nutrients for the first 3 weeks. DynaGrow "Grow" nutes at 1/4 dose week 4-5. 1/4 dose both grow/bloom nutes week 6. 1/2 dose of bloom nutes week 7 to current time. I have been feeding every other watering otherwise its just plain PH'd tap water. I have not used any calmag up to this point.

    Need some magnesium. Could use calmag or Epsom salts


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      Thank you. Im looking up magnesium deficiency and it seems to be a match. Will add calmag to my water and see how it goes.

    • gbauto
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      I'd just use Epsom salt. It has the Mg and S.

    Just the bottom Fan leaves turning yellow. I wouldn't worry about it. Just cut them off.
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      Hold on. What should an 8 week old GG#4 autofem look like? If you told me that was an 8 week fem or regular, I can't say I would believe you. It's pretty far along in flowering, from what I can see in the pictures. Mid-late? I'm going with the autumnal solution. You're having flowering deficiencies. Worrisome as hell, the first time. But not something to worry about.
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        I don't see anything wrong. Leaf color is good, structure looks good. Autos canabalize leaves at a faster rate than photos, my opinion based on experience, and its not uncommon to get yellowing. Happy growing!
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        • Chieferl06
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          I haven't heard that anywhere yet so thank you! that definitely puts me at ease because she seems to still be healthy otherwise and the buds are definitely starting to bulk up.

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