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    I tried the Jell-O gummie recipe which called for 1/4 cup of fruit juice. The mixture was too thick, I could not pour into the molds. Then when I added more fruit juice, the gummies never hardened. I don't know what I did wrong.

    Instead of more moisture to thin the mixture, put your mixture in a warm water bath until it softens up?

    The good news is, you can still eat the gummies. With a spoon, maybe, but you'll get what you're looking for, so far as getting the THC.
    The only thing you should test on animals
    is BBQ sauce!

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      Hi Nightshade0121 I tried that same recipe. Had the same result. Gingerbeard is correct. I might not have used a spoon but the gummies were still edible.
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        You guys must have missed something then. I use that recipe all the time and it works fine for me. If you undercook it, it will be gritty, but if you overcook it, it will harden into hard candy (not the best). I'll share my steps in the process, maybe it will help.

        Step one
        In a big pot, put a few inches of water and put on medium high to high heat. You want your water to just start boiling and then turn the heat down a little. In one bowl, mix your 3oz Jell-O with the 2.5 packets (0.25oz packets) unflavored gelatin. In another bowl put your 1/4 cup juice and 1 tablespoon honey and mix. To help mix the juice and honey, you can pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds, twice should be the most you'll have to do this. In a skillet (I use a 10" skillet, but you want something to fit on the pot) put your hash oil and then put the teaspoon of extract right on top. Stir together until dissolved well.

        Step 2
        Mix the juice and Jell-O together. Get a glass measuring cup and put hot water in and put it in the microwave for 3 minutes. This will keep the mixture warm longer while you pour it in the molds. Place your skillet on top of your pot and pour your Jell-O mix in. Stir well until the extract is mixed in and then stir occasionally throughout heating. I stir mine gently almost the entire time, but I don't think it's really necessary. This will usually take between 5-10 minutes, depending on how hot your water is. You want everything to be dissolved but don't let it get too hot.

        ​​​​​​Step 3
        Take your measuring cup out of the microwave and dump the water out. Carefully pour the liquid from the skillet into the measuring cup, mixture will be hot as sh*t. Pour into molds and stick in refrigerator for an hour. You can leave them longer, it won't hurt anything. To preserve the gumminess, put in a ziplock bag and keep refrigerated.

        Step 4 (optional)
        I use this to keep the gummies from sticking together. In a baggie, pour some plain sugar. Take the gummies out of the molds and put them in with the sugar and shake. You can do one at a time or multiple, but it gets tricky with more. Take them out and put in a fresh ziplock bag and enjoy.

        Hopefully this helps. Let me know if it changes your results.
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        • Bowhunterwoody
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          Great idea! I've done it like this but I put the skillet right on the stove. Hard to regulate the temp and time. Never used a water bath for the jello. Should give you a longer working time without over cooking. I lose about 1/4 of the mixture at the end from being too thick. I'll try this next time.

        • dphipps1020
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          It works great. I was running into the same issue, too thick before I was done pouring it into the molds. It also helps a little if you get a glass measuring cup and heat it up before you put your liquid in it. Helps keep it warmer for longer so I can finish pouring before it cools off too much. I don't like using a dropper to fill the molds because it cools down too fast and seems to take longer than just pouring it. Hopefully it works better for you with the double boiler method.

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          This is a good one. Make mamma's gummies with this recipe.

          Learned a lot this year. pH and whiteflies are issues that need controlling. Maybe an auto over January.....hmmmm...


            For perfection you can follow the tips:

            In a sauce pan over low heat, pour 1/2 cup of water.>
            1 package Jello (85 size/3 oz size) + 1 tablespoon gelatin>
            Mix until all of the ingredients are dissolved, then remove from the heat.>
            Fill your mold with the dropper> In a sauce pan over low heat, pour 1/2 cup of water.>
            1 package Jello (85 size/3 oz size) + 1 tablespoon gelatin>
            Mix until all of the ingredients are dissolved, then remove from the heat.>
            Fill your mold with the dropper.


            • Floopydoop
              Floopydoop commented
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              Need lecithin or you're making weed jello shots essentially. Binds it so it doesn't melt to a puddle out of the fridge.

            I've been following this thread due to the possibility of gleaning information I may have not come across while reading up on medibles. So far I've only used my oil to make infused chocolate but there's one thing I found from making it that may transfer to filling the molds when making gummies. When filling the molds I've found if you take the square tip of a silicone spatula and dip it 2 or 3 times once molds close to being full it helps settle mixture leveling it showing in mold is full or needs a little more.


            • Ckbrew
              Ckbrew commented
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              Hey Poppa Have you tried mixing it with Nutella? Works great and the oil in it is a great carrier.

            • Poppa
              Poppa commented
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              No I haven't tried that yet Ckbrew it is on list of things I planned to try. I've only just begun my journy of switching from burning/heating to eating, Currently the chocolates I'm making have worked for my needs. I did pick up some dates the other day to make a chocolate chip date cake with some of my oil. Back 2018 or 19 Nebula and I exchanged emails about vegetable shortening being infused like butter. Now that I have oil no need for that.

            I’ve made the recipe successfully on GWE although the gummies were a little harder than I might have liked. Since then I found a reasonably priced kit that works perfectly every time and taste loads better. I think the kits are about 20$ on Amazon Canada. I didn’t see them on the US amazon site but you can get them from the companies website (the company website has the kits for less but if you are Canadian it is cheaper to get them on amazon once you factor in the free shipping if you have a prime account). Google Paracanna and you will find it.

            I don’t know anyone at the company and I don’t have a stake in their success, but they are Canadian which is a win from my perspective and I have never had a failure after using the kits a few times. I’ve made both the mango and the cherry, both are very tasty. Even if you don’t buy their kits the tip sheet they have for successful gummies is likely transferable to making gummies from scratch. For example, not stirring while the mix is cooking, only cooking it for an exact amount of time, letting it rest for exactly x seconds off the heat before you fill the molds, etc. Really important to not having mushy gummies is letting them dry in the molds and then further dry once you take them out of the molds. Do not put them in sugar until they are very dry (more than 24 hours in the fridge is what I do). If you are making sour gummies you have to be extra careful about drying because citric acid is water soluble and draws out the moisture, making it mushy.

            My process is to make a qwet, distill out and recover most of the ethanol, leaving enough in that it is still easily worked with. Put the remaining qwet in the top of a double boiler and boil off the remaining alcohol to make RSO. I cook the gummy mix in a separate pot and then when ready I dump it into the pot with the RSO, mix up and put in molds. Adding the gummy mix to the RSO in the same pot it was made in reduces the wastage from having to move it around and stick to things. When I’ve taken all I can from the pot I let it harden and peel off anything else I can salvage (usually at least a couple more gummies worth). I almost always use cured and decarbed trim from a high thc strain mixed with a few grams of cured but not decarbed bud from a high cbd strain.

            In short, I don’t honestly see myself making them from scratch anymore. The kits are a reasonable price, taste great and turn out perfect. I think they produce about 30 relatively large gummies but if you want to be more economical you can just make the gummies stronger and only eat a partial gummy when you want some. I always weigh what I intend to eat to get a more standard dose so making them strong and cutting them smaller isn’t really a problem.


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