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Tersky Auto Grow: Sour Diesel Haze / AK-48

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    Tersky Auto Grow: Sour Diesel Haze / AK-48

    Started a new grow today. I will be doing auto flowers this time! Sour Diesel Haze by seedsman and AK-48 by Nirvana. Just dropped the seeds in the rapid roots today.

    Medium: Hydro DWC, Clay pebbles / rapid root
    Container / Pot: 2 gal with net top lids
    Environment: Tent: 4ft x 2ft x 5ft carbon scrubber, air-cooled reflector, humidifier (veg stage), hygrometer, 2-valve air pump, 2 air stones with hoses, small clamp fan
    Light: 250w MH and 250 HPS (flowering) possibly 18/6 schedule throughout
    Nutrients: General Hydroponics Flora Trio using slightly modified version of the GWE hydroponic GE Flora Trio schedule for auto flower time schedule.
    Supplements: Hydroguard, (possibly Botanicare Sweet: Raw)

    I have been considering the light schedule...i know autos are not photoperiod dependant but lemme finish...I have heard and understand why you can keep the lights on 24/7 but have been thinking about what i have read about how possibly trichome development occurs during the night hours to act as a kind of uv barrier during the day and was thinking on keeping the plants on a 18/6 light schedule but wanted some input on what others have experienced. Should i go full tilt or give the babies some time to rest at night?
    Current Grow:
    Auto Sour Diesel and Ak48

    Congratulations! Nice arrangement too
    Indoor- Coco coir & Perlite - 5 gal Smart pots
    Veg-T5s Flower- Platinum LEDS
    GH Flora Trio Cali-mag, Terpinator Liquid Bloom
    photoperiod feminized seeds

    Testing for the_honeysticks genetics


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      Lol it hasn't sprouted yet so hold up there lil missy lol. Thanks Tika! Hopefully i can make ya'll proud!


    AK48 has germinated but has not lost the shell yet. The sour diesel haze seed has opened, but no taproot is coming out and has been this way over 24 hrs. Moved the SDH seed to a paper towel in a plastic bag to see if i can get it to germinate that way. Put a second SDH in another paper towel for germination just in case this other one doesn't germinate.


    I have my 250w MH light about a foot away with the power level set to 50% on the ballast. Does this sound right?
    Current Grow:
    Auto Sour Diesel and Ak48


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