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Purple veins!?

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    HELP! Purple veins!?

    Morning fellow growers, hope the day finds u all well! Watered my plants last night before bed and noticed purple veins on the leaves. Mostly just the one leaf, however there seems to be a slight purple tinge developing on others. Was curious what causes this? Is this some type of deficiency or am I just being over paranoid?

    I have noticed it slightly on plants I have stressed and on plants where it seems to happen naturally. My take is if there are no stresses known and they are healthy then I don't worry.
    Seems the leaves are showing other changes as well like a slight nute burn on the leaf tip.?
    could be that.
    Others here will have more to say on it I am sure.
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      I've had some of that on stems of the leafs on every plant I've grown. On mine it is only on the top side of the stems. This is from the main site .


        What are the temps getting down to at night where you’re at? Chilly night temps will bring out the purple.


          Could be lack of cal or mag also. But I found out, the plants under my vipar is all the time getting this color. Stem, leaf stems an so on. And I’m leaning towards it’s the light that makes a sun burn on them. Everywhere the stems are exposed to my light, they get purple
          Just because people are over 50 doesn’t mean they know everything.
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            I get way more colors since switching to LED’s from HPS. I have one mom Who’s always produced sticky green buds with lots of red pistols under HPS but when I grew it’s clones under a led all the buds turned a dark purple which I never got before. Same smell taste and buzz but completely different look.

          • CaptainWiese91
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            Yea i have the same with my leds. But only the Vipar.
            The lumatek is like the HPS to be honest. Gives the same light, just uses a lot less energy

          I’ll take all that info into consideration- being spring here it has been quite chilly some nights, but they been getting brought indoors at night. I’m currently in the market for a ph pen, just waiting for the finances to catch up - I haven’t been feeding them as of yet coz I thought they were still to young, however I did once give them a diluted mixture of (photo provided below)Perhaps that may of cause it - it was a very diluted mix and I only gave them the slightest drink of it
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