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Do plants need more water overnight (dark) or daytime?

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    HELP! Do plants need more water overnight (dark) or daytime?

    I have 45 minutes to water them now, or do it first thing in the morning when lights come on - which is worse? Contractor just left from inspecting storm damage.
    Soil: Coast of Maine Stonington Blend, perlite; Seedlings: CoM org potting soil
    Indoor: 2 x 5.5 x 8' Closet grow
    Viparspectra XS2000; EnjoYield 220W full spectrum light added during flower
    Various size fabric grow bags
    Cal-Mag & GH Trio if needed; Flower Fuel & molasses during bloom; ReCharge
    4 clip fans. Exhaust into attic is vented to the eaves
    Current grow: DEAD FLOWERS

    "Joker, smoker & midnight toker, I sure don't want to hurt no one"

    I'm working on my first grow and not sure I have the correct answer but I watered at both times during my grow. I mainly watered at night though because I was growing outdoors and didn't want the neighbors wondering what I was doing on the side of my deck all the time. I'm a little curious myself what responses you will get from some of the more experienced growers on here. I would think that as long as you are watering it properly (correct PH and not over/under watering) it wouldn't seem like it should matter but one time might be better than the other.


    • Puglover1
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      Thanks, me too. I just don't want to wake up to wilty/droopy plants. I planned to do it before lights out, set alarm but time went over with the contractor.

    If your in the vegging cycle then it doesn't matter. But if your flowering, I would wait 'till morning. The old saying "don't put your girls to bed wet" is true. I assume you're growing inside.
    "Treachery and Old Age will overcome Youth and Skill"


    • Puglover1
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      I am inside. Thank you! I guessed first thing in the morning was better. I opened a wilty/droopy closet one morning, a sad sight I don't want to see again. I'm a girl but math isn't hard, science is, for me.

    I water when my pots get down to a certain weight. regardless of when that occurs during my 18/6 light schedule.
    Unlike out in nature, I can control this and it's functional for my grows. Although in retrospect, I don't water much
    in the dark portion of the schedule, because that's my sleep period as well. Organic soil auto grower.
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    • Puglover1
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      I'm in flower, 12/12. They pots are light but it was either hurry up and maybe screw up or get up early and water as soon as lights are due to come on. They had one more hour of light before bedtime, hopefully the morning will be fine. Thanks!

    I usually feed/water while the lights are on. It normally works out that they get their feeding about 3 to 4 hours into the light "ON" cycle. I run 18/6. They've never complained about it. Though they definitely pout / bitch / moan / droop and cry if they don't get watered on time. Super needy if you ask me..... boarder line stage 3 "cling on".... they always want something. Jezzzzzs!
    5x5 Gorilla tent
    Spectrum King SK402 - 2× Optic XL1
    Infinity T8 exhaust fan
    Technaflora nutes
    Nectar of the Gods soil


    • Puglover1
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      Ain't it? This was just a messed up, too long, contractor storm estimate appt. I always water on time, after the one day when I opened the closet and my heart dropped ... but they survived.

    I heard water when they are a couple of hours up. They are awake and ready to feed.


      Indoor plants, I wouldn't think it mattered to much, morning or evening, as long as the pots were lite weight.
      The old Farmers Almanac, lol, which alot of the vegatable gardens, farmers are where we live, believe in, say to water them in the morning, it's hot as hell, down here where we live,
      I know we've watered our vegatable gardens, morning an evening, when it was much cooler.
      Cfls for a week or two
      315lec for everything else
      Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
      36x36x63 inch tent.
      6inch - exaust - intake fans an scrubber
      Smart pots


      • kingfish
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        D.A.A.S.69 The biggest reason to NOT water at night is that when you close your tent, it raises the RH very high. High RH when flowering is not good, it could cause Bud rot.

      • D.A.A.S.69
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        kingfish you are right, when you water an put them in a tent it does raise the humidity for a little while.

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