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Broad Mites and Hot Water

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    Broad Mites and Hot Water

    Hi All,

    I would like to know if anyone has had complete eradication of broad mites through immersing the entire plant in hot water.

    At around 5 weeks vegging hydroponic plants appeared to have micro mites, growth slowed and leaves with turned up edges. I sprayed 1:1 water-alcohol. The next day they looked so much better...I knew I would need to continue treatments.

    2 days later I found 1 broad mite I identified through usb microscope and saturated with green cleaner according to directions.

    2 days later I immersed whole plants in 115-113 degree F water for 15 to 20 minutes.

    Didn't think/realize I was putting green cleaner on roots and in the reservoir by drenching the plants while in their DWC homes so I dumped and cleaned the tubs and rinsed off the roots.
    Still afraid I had done too much damage to the roots (they started to look like the root rot we've had before, laying flat on themselves and tan) I decided the next treatment would be hot water immersion, you know clean the roots and kill the bugs. They definitely took a beating but leaves are perked up except all new growth tips look fried to the eye though mostly green and crazy hairy under the microscope. Roots look bushy and healthy today 6 days after hot water treatment.
    So I think they made it through the initial on slot of treatments and ready to resume a healthy lifestyle.

    Anyone use hot water treatment before?

    No didnt know u could do that does it work with all bugs mate


      I imagine it depends on whether the bugs are sensitive to heat or not. Broad mites are.


        I'd be fearful of the shock from the hot water, especially if left submerged for that long. I've not tested this myself, but Jorge Cervantes in the Cannabis Encyclopedia says that submerging the roots for 20 minutes or more can cause the root zone to drown. I'm glad your plants came back rather quickly and I hope you've licked the mite problem.


          Thanks chadwestport,

          2 of the plants are wild monster crops we took because we lost the mother, looking back it was probably to these suckers. The flowering plants probably had them too, we took them early along with a bunch of clones. We've only grown 4 or 5 DWC grows and had good luck before this. All this may come to nothing but we didn't want to lose this plant. But I'm afraid I should let them go. From what I've read stresses like the mites and what I've put them through can cause the plants to mutate to not producing or becoming stunted so I may be losing months just to take clones that aren't what they were. Plus, I have a year's worth of new seeds full of new possibilities just waiting to take their place. I'm not about to germinate anything until to sanitize the place after this grow is way or another. In writing this I think I've decided to give them one more week then off with their heads if they don't start showing some real enthusiasm about growing.

          Which is why I'm asking if anyone knows of getting rid of the whole problem with hot water. I know none of the other treatments can say they will.

          Any thoughts?


            I've been hearing good things about but haven't tried them myself. I hold off unless necessary but when you got them, something needs to happen. I also sterilize the room each time with bleach water 20:1 water/bleach solution. Pots and tools too. Learn their lifecycle so that you treat everything from the adults of today to the eggs that will be tomorrows adults.

            Stress like you mention can cause moms to have less vigor, which is then transferred into each clone. Not always, but it can happen. Sounds like you have a back stock of seeds, so it may be a blessing in disguise.


              i wouldnt take clones from them plants mate if thats all your doing not going to flower them u got plenty seeds might aswell start again mate


                Thanks growell and Chad,

                We changed over to hydro believing pests were no longer a problem and got lazy with sanitation. Hisorically I've been the helper and this is my first all me and my helper grow and I'm loving it.

                Until recently we mail-ordered seeds just once. My partner has always grown his own seeds. I think our hesitancy to let go of a strain (our monsters that may have brought the mites and that everybody loves) comes from a time when anything that was decent was a gem to have in our neck of the woods. Today I have a new batch of OMG. I do love tech.

                This evening I'm going to scope the plants and probably cover them to green cleaner the closet for the 3rd time and leave the plants alone.

                I love the idea of biologics, I use rootguard now but will probably stay with green cleaner for the rest of this grow up top. Will look into preditors for next time or when I'm hopeful that the suckers are in control, at least.
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                  Remember?, My plants were showing stress when I found broad mites. I drenched sprayed in veg with a 40%ish alcohol solution just before lights out. So All the obvious damaged leaves and a few more turned a rusty color outside the vein lines at the same time the rest of the plant perked up. Does that sound familiar to anyone else? I don't know but I thought maybe the rust color came from killing mites or somehow associated with the damage from the mites. I turned the lights off as soon as I finished spraying. (I went on to kill more with Green Cleaner and a dip in hot water and they've done beautifully.)

                  However, today they are in their 4th week of flower and I found a broad mite while scoping a little bud from the middle of a packed monster. I don't want to put any oil that might flavor the buds or use diatomaceous earth that might be unhealthy to inhale. So I'm going back to a weaker alcohol solution that will dissipate. Wish us luck.


                    The alcohol and water ISO 50/50 every other day, for at lest 3 treatments, and no taste left behind.


                      Hey, thanks Rwise! Sorry for not returning after I posted. I have to admit I forgot I posted this(you know, reaping what I sow), I wasn't sure where to put the post, (make a new thread/new subject or add to an old thread about alcohol). I see I decided on neither and took the easiest route.

                      What I did read in that old thread and from GWE about alcohol was to use a 9 to 1 solution, which is what I ended up doing. I haven't seen any signs that point to mites or anything since I dunked them in hot water, except for seeing that one last week. What scared me the most was the idea that alcohol would dissolve some trichomes. So I used GWE 9 to 1 suggestion. After testing a small sample I didn't see any difference in the trichomes under a USB microscope until I started poking at them and some were a little gooey. Maybe they would have stiffened back up after a while. However, yesterday I tested some of the bud that was most heavily treated last week and there is plenty of active thc.

                      I want to get away with not treating for the rest of the grow but don't want to invite serious issues. They've been through so much and are doing so well.


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