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Should I trim these? And where?

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    Should I trim these? And where?

    Hi there,
    I’m growing in an Aerogarden Farm hydro system.
    The smaller babies I just flipped to flowering yesterday.
    The larger ones have been in flowering for 3 weeks.

    The smaller ones are bushy at the bottom. Should I be trimming them?
    And for the larger ones, do they look ok? Leave them alone or trim some more at the bottom?
    Click image for larger version

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    It's personal choice but I would trim the lower leaves completely. They won't get much light


      might be a little too late since they are in flower already but you could remove any buds that are not getting adequate light


        Getting rid of the suckers below the bud canopy usually helps stimulate production above. It's hard but necessary. I took off a dozen or more twigs I hoped might grow into the ScrOG net but didn't this morning and pinched off all the tiny leaves that turn into suckers from the otherwise bare stems. JohnDope is probably right about it being too late for helpful defoliation on this go-round.
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          I remove every leaf covering a bud site all throughout flower.
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