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    thoughts on her?

    So week 2 of flowering now. Just want to know peoples thoughts on health and progress. I did LST last night to help get more light to my bus sites. I topped it probably two to three weeks ago, and pruned of a lot of the branches/leaves (I probably shoulda let her veg a little more?). I have six bud sites and my goal isn’t to make a massive plant, just something small and dense. I want to know your thoughts and suggestions for all natural growing (organic and no supplements that aren’t natural) for the next time I grow. She’s about 7 inches tall and I know this is smaller than most people grow to, but she is still stretching so i think end height will be 10ish inches or so. How do the bus sites look? I can see
    huge differences overnight in the production of hairs and and growth in the leaves/stalks. So let me know your thoughts. The only supplements I’ve used is Epsom salt once about a week ago, and will use it about once a month if I think she needs
    it. Other the. That I use straight well water which is very clean. My soil is organic with compost and perlite. I realiZed I probably
    Should have kept a few more branches to top and produce
    more colas, but six bud sites that I put my focus into for production doesn’t seem horrible. Am I wrong? Ok thoughts and please do t hold back, I want to learn more for all natural growing. I put her outside starting today (76 degrees with 29% humidity)
    ok let me know, I’m including pics of my progress to now. I got it as a clone already planted in shitty soil and she was very very sick looking (yellow, spindly and malnutritioned) I didn’t think to take pics then though.

    Looks to be healthy happy now though, only way to learn is by growing, and lots of research. Yes could've veged another couple weeks just to get it back into a healthy cycle of growth after being sick and malnourished. I've not used Epsom salt I usually go the chemical route and not organic so can't give you any info on that. You'll see growth daily from now on. It might stretch to 10 plus inch depending on strain. Do what you can to keep the budsites in sun and don't be afraid to remove a big leaf or 2 if they're being a pain and remember the sun can damage a plant just like it burns our skin. They have to be eased into it.
    for further growing indeavors remember perlite should make up 30 to 50 percent of the grow medium I notice how much faster they grow as the soil gets airy compared to compact. Spend an afternoon on Amazon you'd be amazed by everything they have for anything growing related. I go monthly since there's so much coming out of China all the time
    Only other thing I can say is don't let anyone negative get you down. 99 percent of us here are here to help. Be weary of the 1 percent.
    Vegging 4 aurora indica, waiting on seeds. Got eyes on a 4x8x8 tent.
    sp150x2 philz330 and Philz 100x2
    4 plants currently under 500w
    2 x opulent systems 4x4x80 tents and a 24x40x48 baby box.
    GH full line of nutes+calmag and my molasses sugar brown sugar liquid mix at 30ml per liter.
    Happy growing/consuming 🥴
    Space is at a premium when you're growing premium in space 😁


    • Xconian
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      Hey thanks so
      Much for the advice. Ya I try not to let the negativity get to me. Last night I had a dude
      Tell me that my plant looked sick and spindly and that bothered me. But she doesn’t to me. Anyways, so you said remove leaves being a pain. Are you talking like the fan leaves, or the leaves growing off the bud sites? Right now I have the two fan leaves on the top that are a pain sometimes to keep them from overshadowing (thus my LST). Should I keep those on or take them off as well even though it would leave me with o fan leaves? I’ve read
      A lot that at a certain point they are useless to bud sites but then I’ve read there not so it’s like wtf? Lol. Or do you mean trimming the bigger leaves on the bud sites that are overlapping and shadowing each other? Thanks so much for the wisdom. As for sun I am only doing 6-7 hours starting today then back into the house. I’m keeping a close eye on her too just to make sure there is not an issue. Let me know, thanks again

    • Jordann
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      If you don't want to remove a whole leaf you can always Remove individual fingers of the leaf I take away lots of middle fingers when my plants start flowering. I remove leaves from the budsites if they're overlapping or sitting onto of each other without an easy fix just to keep circulation around the plants. At a certain point, usually for me half way through flower I take off most fan leaves and just let the buds and sugar leaves soak up the sun. Some people strip most of the fan leaves off as it goes into flower but large plants are more resilient to abuse. I try not to assault my little ones too much just remove leaves blocking light from getting to the center of the plant, the leaves that make a big shade patch in the middle and cause buds to stay tiny and fluffy. As long as there is some leaves left to catch the light as the buds don't have the photosynthetic power to keep the plant healthy without the leaves. On a plant your size I'd leave 2 or 4 big leaves but like I said you can always snip out a finger from the leaf to help light get to those underneath.

      Might want to get some seeds or something cause once that ones done you'll have to insatiable itch to grow another, ask anyone here, it's like an addiction, costs money, we have to hide it from people, we get a warm fuzzy feeling watching them grow.😁

    • Xconian
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      Ya i definitely know About the itch. I’m already planning my next one. Thanks for the tips on pruning. I did the same thing yesterday, brought her out for about 8 hours and then out her in under the light for the remainder I figured that’s what I should do also to help ease her into the sunlight and not get burns. She really shot up from that morning. It was super cool to see the advancement, especially in the bud sites. I had some on the bottom that were a bit smaller then the rest, and came home to see they had all caught up to the same size. It’s sick to watch! Thanks again for the tips, I’ll keep
      You updated

    Today’s update on my girl. She’s growing really good right now. I gotta figure out something to get more room in there
    for the bud sites m any ideas?


    • GreenState
      GreenState commented
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      My thoughts are, sometimes less is more....leave it alone for a week or two, generally one of the more difficult things to do.
      Nice to have some warmer weather finally around here. Sure signs of late Spring, the "floaters", bodies are starting to come to the surface in NYC waterways!
      Last edited by GreenState; 05-25-2020, 10:25 AM.

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