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12 days to germinate

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    12 days to germinate

    Had ordered 10 seeds of Gypsy Widow by Exotic Seeds through Seedsman 9 months ago and had my first real failures to germinate. Only 1 of the 10 made it.
    Used the paper towel method inside a plastic container back on March 14th with 2 seeds. When they failed to show any life after 5 days I started 2 more. I then contacted Seedsman and they requested I try all 10 and wait a full 2 weeks before they would consider a refund or replacement.
    Up to this point I have had only 1 seed out of 40 fail to germinate.
    So out of the 10 only 3 showed a tap root but only 1 decided to grow once placed in a solocup. The others just turned black and died.
    The 1 that made it was in the paper towel for 12 days before it cracked and showed a root and 1 of the two originally started. 14 days before it was planted.
    I was so surprised it even made it this far. Now here we are April 27th and the little Gypsy has decided to show her stuff.
    She is looking real good and is now a candidate for the outdoor greenhouse.

    Click image for larger version

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    Seedsman was gracious and has sent me 10 replacement seeds of my choice so I have 5 each of Gelat OG Auto Fem and Peyote Gorilla fem photo on the way.

    Moral of the story. Don't give up too soon on the seeds and deal with reputable suppliers.

    12 days. That's pretty wild, she looks great maybe though. Hopefully she rewards your patience through germination at harvest! I also had a great experience with Seedsman customer service.
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      Seedsman has that top rating for a reason. I will never hesitate to consider ordering from them.

    Damn. Hat's off for that kinda patience!! I was about to toss 2 no sprouts at 4days. I guess I'll give em a few more.


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      Unless Seedsman had requested 14 days for germination I would have never gone that long.
      It buggered my grow a bit for the photo tent but it's all working out now.

    Good looking survivor!

    I recently put a bagseed in a shotglass for 24h, then in papertowl in tupperware for about 4 days. No sign of life. Put her in dirt and in 48h she grew about 2" tall. Guess some ladies dont dig the paper.
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    Outdoor grow. Autos, fem's, bagseeds


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      Usually my seeds are cracked in no longer then 36 hrs and often in less then 24 but ya some apparently need that extra time.

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