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Northern Lights Auto getting close to harvest

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    HELP! Northern Lights Auto getting close to harvest

    Hello GWE community, my first ever grow is a Northern Lights Auto from Royal Queen Seeds. I have had a few bumps along the way but thanks to you guys and girls I think I am pretty close to harvest. She is at day 75 and 5 weeks into flower. Having never done this before I am not sure what I should be seeing through my jewelers loupe. I think that some of the trichomes are milky but I am not seeing any amber ones. Can I get your expert opinions please

    Hello NorthEuropeanGuy here is a tutorial of what too look for at harvest.
    Vivosun 2 X 4 X 5 grow tent
    Viparspectra 450W and 300W LED
    Vivosun 4" inline duct fan with carbon scrubber
    2 small 6" fans
    Promix HP
    GH Flora Trio with CalMag


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