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    Auto flower

    When you put auto flower plants on 24 hour light instead of 18-6, does this give you an extra 6 hours of growth each day (so the plant will grow to a rigid time scale) or are you gaining 6 hours towards your finish time, so each 6 hours extra light let's you crop 6 hours sooner

    As I understand it, it is more light more growth, I dont think it alters the finish time much, but the aroma "seemed" like it was stronger at 16/8 during flower.


      Save your money on power and give the light panel and the plants a rest by going 18/6. I have yet to see any strong evidence that 24/7 promotes faster or better growth, just uses more power and is something for those who likely didn't want to invest in a decent timer. Think of it sunny 24/7 where cannabis would grow in the wild? Nope.

      All my auto's are on 18/6 and are doing just fine...patience when growing weed is an absolute must!
      I hope there is an afterlife...there are a lot of friends and family I'd like to see again, one day.


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        I aren't growing any, I was just curious. I'm on my 2nd try so trying to get the hang of photos first. My first try only yielded 38g from 2 plants but I used no special feed and didn't train or top them. I've got 9 on the go now and I'm just about to top them in a minute so have come on for the excellent help you get on here. I will give autos a try at some point, I've just started with photos as as I understand, photos are a lot more forgiving to mistakes than autos, so when I'm a bit more experienced I'll give them a go.

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