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4 weeks since switch (how do buds look also plant going light colour

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    4 weeks since switch (how do buds look also plant going light colour

    Okay so somw of you knowknow that i have mentioned about my plant turning light green, and the tips of my leaves clawing and burning, it started off after 12/12 where my tips started yelling nothing excessive, I've fed it Pk rage 18/20, and ever since I've started seeing the plant loose the vibrant darky green colour, im using liquid nutes the whole grow, yesterday i flushed my pot with 5litres of water hooing to remove some of the salt and excess nutes, i havent added more nute just incase im just ading more salts to my soil, my gut extinct is for me to add judt normal tomoato feed to bring backthe nitrogen for when i used the PK rage 18/20, anyway how are my overal bud looking i switched on (1bannana sherbet started from seed 9th november 55days veg) 21st of december is when i switched just over 4weeks ago

    I wouldn't add anything else until it dries out - buds got lots of fattening up to do yet.
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      How do i tell if its a nute burn, or something other than that? I've seen a mag defiencey that looks similar, lots of light green, leafs fading to yellow, please canyougive me some step to step tips.. Is that I'm under feeding? If only I had an ec pen😪

    It doesn't look like nute burn to me. I'm guessing your feeding is a bit light on the N. Although a flowering plant doesn't require as much nitrogen it still needs some. Overall I'd say your plants look good. A bit on the pale side but I wouldn't be overly concerned. Jmo.


      Just spitballing here...does the "banana" thing lend itself to yellow leaves and such like the blue and purple strains?
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        No I don't think so OlderNOTwiser it's the taste the breeders are shooting for.

      thanks guys I'm gonna add Some N to my next watering and see how she is


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