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    Peripheral lighting

    I'm wondering about light from tent accessories such as: power lights on a dehumidifier, IR from cameras, etc. I understand NO light during dark period, but is there a point of usable light from such things or is the illumination so low that it doesn't interfere. Plants grow outside , and the moon can become quite bright. Is there a line of see able light to humans but not useful to plants or does no light, mean NO LIGHT. I how that makes sense all input is appreciated.
    *4x2x6 for veg with HLG65 4000k x3
    ​​​​*2x2x4 for mothers with HLG65 [van helsing, master breath, white mo, pineapple express]
    *custom 4x4 closet for flower with HLG260 + 4' T5 (x4) - agromax bloom led x2 + agromax 6400k florescent x2 {440watt totall}
    *8 site clone bucket with 20w cfl
    You never know when you might need a little C4

    Because moonlight is a vastly different spectrum than sunlight and only about 1% as bright it doesn't trigger the hormones that cause your plant to "wake up". Lightning strikes could do it but they would have to be very close by and continuously going for several seconds.

    As for inside a tent... anything with a green light is fine. But I wouldn't chance anything else, especially once you start flowering.


      I missed a single red led on a power strip and it caused fox tailing on the plants near it,,, I found it when the light went out before i got out,,,ouch!


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        Yeah that's what I'm getting at, there is a power led on humidifier specifically I put tape over it but still visible. The light is built in the power button so if i add more to block it it starts to become unpushable, my dehumidifier also has a indicator light. Sounding like I should implement a proper light blocking method for my equipment.....

      My dehumidifier has green readout for the humidity level and I have a power strip with a red light. Neither are 'close' to the plants but they're in the vicinity. Never had any issues because of either.
      Space: 4 x 5 x 6, Two 600w HPS, Dirt farmer since Nov 2012.

      Current Grow: Supreme Lemon (Vision Seeds) Super Silver Haze X Lemon Skunk


        My cameras have IR lights, CO2 sensor has light, power strips have light, thermometers have lights...never had a problem. My UV-B lamp timer failed and after 3 days of continuous ON, one plant hermied, sunburned and produced 1000’s of mature seed.


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