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CDC Confirms A THC Additive, Vitamin E Acetate, The Culprit In Most Vaping Deaths

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    CDC Confirms A THC Additive, Vitamin E Acetate, The Culprit In Most Vaping Deaths

    Another reason to trust yourself:
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    For more information:

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    Smh. And at the same time the government has decided to let farmers use pesticides on cannabis.
    You may win the race, but you pass all the best things in life on the way.


    • BaccaRacca
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      The same FDA that approved RoundUp, which we believe caused my late sister's T-cell lymphoma. She died a horrible death this pas September. I am interested, though, what pesticides they approved.

    • Rwise
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      Just another reason we must grow our own!

    Yup another reason not to use bottled anything. Can’t trust. Best way is use other natural trees or plants to build up your plants (SAR) like Neem meal/Aloe Vera. Use that once a week thru veg then when you flip to flower your plants is strong and healthy and should be able to fight anything off, pests/fungus. All we have to do is read educated books or studies by people with no interest other than putting Out real work.


    • Farmall
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      Full agreement on that but it is ...easier said than done.....

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