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    Are the genetics like blue dream, tangie, og kush, and others like Girl Scout cookies the same as the strains we have here in California. I haven’t learned Much about genetics but I see strains have parents that don’t match parents of other strains with similar names? What’s going on we just mix strains and call them what we want?

    LOL kinda like what I did, take a headbanger and cross it with a white widow and call it widowbanger,,,
    I see the same thing looking for my next seed purchase, no standards,,, no patents, etc. may be dif after its legal world wide,,,


    • JDU
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      Lololol. I have some Big bud & a Thai cross... I can see Big Thai in Oregon's future 😉

    Yes, there are many hybreds with different names for the same combination.

    Here is a search/reference sight for tested strains:
    It's all bullshit - until you smoke it!

    KISS @ Dry/Cure:

    Staged Harvest:

    Grow Journals:

    #3, Window Sill Grow - auto:

    #4, KISS grow- Girl Scout Cookies- auto:


      Posted a comment similar to this in s62 grow journal. It Seems his crystal meth looks Exactly like 2 other strains I had a while back and names are flying off the shelf faster than they can be cataloged. Once Rwise gets his widowbanger out there... that name alone tells me to get some 😉


      • Rwise
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        I might make more, she is quit tasty and stanky! But I am also thinking of trying to resurrect my Tulsa Tops strain, it took years to get where we were,,,,

      • Farmall
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        Just ain’t got that same zing to the, widowbanger. 😇

      That's like free surprise seeds with every order, I think those are the ones they sweep off the floor each night, name em whatever you want.


        I can't truly answer your question as I am on the East coast but I have grown a lot of Nirvana products and can say I am very happy with the exception of AK-48. I hope that helps and good luck!


          Originally posted by JDU
          Haha. I hear ya!! Here in Oregon soooo many ppl are growin n breedin & just slapping names on whatever they want that it's become a crap shoot. I been lookin for Green Queen forever & although I've found some bearing the name it DEFINITELY wasn't the same!!! I've also seen 2 ppl make the same cross & give the resulting strain different names.
          I've been doing some random undesired breeding, and have had some commendable results. Some years ago a Seedsman seed labelled White Widow turned out with the loveliest violet flowers. Called it Purple Mystery, and it was was a plenty potent Indica. Somehow it was pollinated as well and produced seeds we called Daughter of Purple Mystery. I do not know where the pollen is coming from. There are commercial grows plenty of miles away, and i know of no one growing in my vicinity. Rather than wind driven pollination I am theorizing insect pollination. Anyway Daughter was pollinated too, and yielded you guessed it Grand Daughter. This plant was tall, and lanky with narrow Sativa like leaves although its lineage was Indica. Have christened it Long Tall Sally. You won't find it on .

          The previous sale at Nirvana was for OG Kush. I'll let you know next Spring how it compares with California OG Kush. Excellent article from Leafly on the subject I smoked Nirvana's GSC last night from this year's grow, and I was still high this AM. Nirvana never disappoints.


            Most of the time no, they are not the same. The genetics are not even stable sometimes. The original GSC and GG#4 are clone only strains. Meaning some one created the strain with out stabilizing the parents first by back crossing. So if they created 100 seeds that day, they made 100 new strains with different genetic potentials.
            The seeds you buy that are GSC or GG#4 are not the same as the original clone only. They will mostly be good, don’t get me wrong. But different phenotypes produce different traits in their off spring.
            4x4 600w HID empty for summer
            3x3 400w HID with Bruce Banner and Skywalker Kush
            2x2 65w Quantum Board LED with 4 mother strains
            running all simultaneously for a perpetual harvests.


              Of course a clone only will yield an identical plant when cloned. However Nirvana produces some very good facsimiles that are plenty stable. There will be some variation but all in all Nirvana delivers some fine genetics. There's an excellent thread on Overgrow about the origins of GG#4 if you are interested in an in depth discussion.


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