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    SOIL Fasciation

    Click image for larger version  Name:	491A52A1-6C56-44D0-AC99-2BDCEA024285.jpeg Views:	51 Size:	2.12 MB ID:	348549Click image for larger version  Name:	6C6E3B42-E603-4CB6-8DC0-BDA54504AD1F.jpeg Views:	34 Size:	2.06 MB ID:	348550
    My seedling seemed to top itself or split as if I had topped it. I tried to find some information and came to the conclusion that I have a mutant, or fascination My main question is as far as mainlining? Or mainfolding the plant. What’s the appropriate approach as far as topping? Should I create a base? And then create the 8 main colas? Or should I skip creating the base since the plant seemed to have topped itself? Should I just go ahead and create the 8 main colas? This strain is a papaya strain and it was started from seed. Online most of the information I found on this phenomena is based on the occurrence from clone.
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    How ... fascinating! Ive never heard of such. Keep us posted. If it were me, I’d treat it as a free topping and go from there
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      Hey s62 thanks for the comment and personal advise. Yes I think it's very rare, I haven't seen much information. Online most of the information is based of examples of a plant that was started from clone. This one was started from seed which I think makes this occurence rather unique. I'll definitely keep you guys posted.


      • D.A.A.S.69
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        Morning, I've had several autos, that topped themselves, and they turned out fine.
        If she was mine, I'd just tie the two mains down, and go from there, she's the perfect size,

      Thank you very much D.A.A.S.69 your advice is greatly appreciated. Oh yes I did forgot to mention that the one displayed is the regular photoperiod type seed.


        this exact thing happen to me with one of my plants in my current grow. after the second true leaves (from seedling) the plant developed one big leaf. The deformity created a knot in the stem. here, i cut this leaf off, leaving two, essentially plants off of one stem. I wish i took a photo of the leaf. I will have to treat this as two plants. am anticipating that the two will need support early in flower. will post pic tomorrow. cool mutation.

        the grow is soil. the plant grown from seed.


          Wow thanks for the feedback Blueberry Girl. Interesting information. What genetics is your plant?
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          • s62
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            Hahaha, there’s a small but important difference between Blueberry Girl and Blubbery Girl, lol!!!

          oops my bad. Yes I meant to say Blueberry Girl. Will fix. Sorry for the spelling.


            Originally posted by Vicmanjun View Post
            oops my bad. Yes I meant to say Blueberry Girl. Will fix. Sorry for the spelling.
            I dont mind!


              Click image for larger version

Views:	0
Size:	1.98 MB
ID:	348969Click image for larger version

Views:	0
Size:	2.07 MB
ID:	348970

              Here is the plant gone mutant.
              This is a Blue Hash strain.

              I will be repotting on soon for flower. I do not do any growing methods other than natural. I prune a bit in veg. that is about it.
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              • kingfish
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                BlueberryGIrl, you need a bigger pot.

              • BlueberryGIrl
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                kingfish hi do you mean for that stage of growth? This plant now sits in a 12litre pot and is in flower.

              Oh My Gosh! Those pics are great! Thanks for sharing! It's pretty much how I pictured it in my mind! It's beyond amazing! Ganja from another planet. Well I'd like to give some constructive criticism but what the heck who needs criticism anyways right? Your lady is beautiful... You mentioned it was started from seed eh? Is that an auto strain? Or a regular photoperiod type seed?


                HI Vicmanjun
                Thanks for the compliment paid to my photos. I was happy with the detail from an iPhone.

                this is a regular feminized photoperiod strain, Blue Hash. gemination, seedling to veg in soil. I just moved this plant into finale pot and flower room today. so i am looking forward to what becomes of this plant!


                  She's out of this world. Thanks for the info! Blueberry Girl. Well I decided to go ahead and do the main colas and skip making the base. She didn't like it she's very upset. But she's surely and slowly coming around. I'd share some pictures but I think at the state that she's not so photogenic for the time being. As soon as she's back I'll be sure to upload some pics. I like to give them each their individual names because I think even if its' the same genetics they always have their own personalty. I named her Sue.


                    i like it! I am not one to implement growing techniques on my plants, to be honest, i cant be arsed, I just prune a bit. Please post a pic of Sue when you can. I will keep the growth of my plant, not named yet! posted here. would be nice to see how sue and my plant flower.


                      Well finally Sue is coming around, she’s coming around considerably well especially since I changed the light to a high intensity led. Her growth is kind of slow especially the two bottom nodes on both sides. As I was manipulating her she split in half, but did not completely break. I thought that was cool because it was like a natural supercrop. We’ll have to see what happens. I’ll keep you updated.
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                        looks very promising.


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