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    COCO COIR New to growing..

    So I have a plant that was a random bag seed, I bought some better seeds now but wanted to "practice" on some seeds i didn't reeeally care about. So it's been on 18/6 I bought a cheap Amazon LED which I regret.. 1000w King LED absolute garbage. I learned my lesson on that and have it under CFL's for now until I buy a HPS/MH combo... Anyways the question I have or concern is it has white pistils all over and now some are starting to turn orange and it seems like the plant is trying to make little buds on the top's (I topped once so far) I can't post a picture right at the moment but is this potentially an auto-flowering thing? Should I leave it at 18/6? It's about 6 weeks old and would have died if i kept it under that cheap amazon light, it had drooping leaves and was NOT over or under watered... don't know why the plant/plants didn't want to grow had to be the light. Stems got super purple under the LED and since switching to CFL stems are green growth is amazing now... Sooo.... did the stress of being under that light make it start flowering? I've grown a few times before but I have never had good genetics seeds and haven't had this happen, I've always had to switch to 12/12... sorry if this is long and confusing.

    It could be auto flower. If you leave it on 18/6 and it goes back into veg state in a week or so then it is a photo and probably the LED's you were using were not giving it enough light. If it continues to bud then it probably has ruderalis genetics in it. If it does then really not much you can do but try to fatten up what's there.


      Thank you.




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          I read the comment attached to pic.I would keep the 18/6 schedule if it were me. If it re-veges then you can grow it to the size you want then switch it to flower and if it doesnt then leaving it at 18/6 wont hurt it and will allow the buds to fatten up. it looks healthy and if you pack on the bloom nutes it will fatten up. You will notice it start to grow new growth that usually looks jacked up IF it re-veges but from what i can see it looks pretty determined to flower. If it has been a week or so and the buds get bigger then i would prepare to consider it an auto. Keep an eye on it and look for your plant to do something similar to the pics in this article Ultimately its your choice though, either way will probably produce some bud.

        Okay thanks for the help. I have been using the trio by advanced nutrients.. micro grow bloom, is this sufficient for the bloom nutes you speak of? Or is there something else you suggest? And if you do suggest anything else shall I also continue to use the trio weekly?


          I expect it should be. Im not familiar with using advanced nutrients but it sounds like the GH flora trio i use. Just adjust nutrient solution for flowering which is lowering the grow and raising the bloom. There are supplements but really until you get more familiar with the basics of growing cannabis you probably wont get much out of supplements. I still dont use any real supplements other than some rapid start in the beginning for root growth, cal-mag because i use RO water and hydroguard for my hydroponic tent. If you want to look into adding supplements check out this article


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