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post transplant trauma? Argh!

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    post transplant trauma? Argh!

    Hi all, very new to this + growing for medicine (or trying to). We transplanted approx 2 week old seedlings 2 days ago, I thought we were following the correct advice - to let the soil dry out a lot, prepare the new medium.

    On turning the plant upside down to release from starter pot into hand the soil basically ran into my hand and away like dry gravel/ sand. I quickly tried to scoop the seedling right way up into the new pot and place soil around her, then watered (not too much) then sit back and try to do nothing. The soil we are using is not perfect either (mix of garden and something else).

    She perked up 1st day (had been a bit droopy due to dryness before) but today she's drooping like hell again - I've given a touch of water as the top 2" of soil felt dry.

    What do we think? 1. is she dying?
    2. is it root bruising/ damage and she needs time to recover?
    3. is it over/under watering?

    you can see same age auto seedling (who suffered less root damage) in 2nd pic - different strain (auto).

    hmmm - all comments gratefully received. I suppose experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.

    droopy perky

    What has the plant done after you watered today?
    This will tell you if it is over or underwatering.

    For the next grow-you can plant "auto's" in their final container, as they grow so fast anyways and are fragile for transplants.
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      We only watered about an hour ago - but so far no change.

      Good advice for the autos - thanks.


        Sounds like your not watering enough. The root system is small. I don't let my seedlings get dry until there are several sets of leaves. If you can check water ph. I killed 6 ww seedlings with acidic water once. Don't give up on it


          thanks - may try a little water every day - the pot feels heavy enough but if the roots aren't reaching it yet she'll need more, thanks


            Hi Saturn, welcome here! First look at your pic tells me the soil is one of the issues. It looks really compact with chunks of dirt(?). Seedlings do a LOT better if the soil is loose. Think consistency of sand. Not knowing what stores are available in your area I can only suggest going thru nebula tutorials re seedlings and get the soil you can that matches best her suggestions. The little guy looks in schock for sure. If the soil is moist like you say I'd just leave her alone for a day, plenty of light, temps around 75-80. If at all possible send us more details re soil, temps, rh, strain... good luck!
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              Thanks LuckyAcres,

              Too right about the soil - apparently there are no garden shops here so we are pretty limited. I looked at supersoil but we cannot even get most of the ingredients and haven't started put own composting yet.

              I added some small stones into the bottom third of the pot to help drainage. We'll add some sand next time to help break up the soil i think..

              When I watered yesterday we had run off from the bottom of the pot so I'm nervous about adding too much water now.

              Fingers crossed.


              • Weed Pharma
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                If you watered it yesterday- and there is no change after you added water today- then you are over watered- BIG TIME.
                Leave it alone until it dries out.
                It's not unusual for me to let a seedling go for a week before the first water after sprouting as I had problems with dampening off.

              Can you get your hands on some perlite? That is the perfect medium to mix with soil to keep it loose and airy. Like others suggested, check your pH. Should be about 6 - 6.5


                your right your medium is not the best.....looks hard and tight ...I imagine it looks the same when not sure what else you have access to but I would change it now....if you have no access to anything else and you have a bunch of that medium left then add something to it to give air to your medium....preferably perlite....but if you had access to that then you should be able to get something different all together....I like coco blends mixed with perlite....tons of stuff out there....internet is world wide....just make sure the packaging is in a language you can understand or its worthless.....

                your taller plant is super duper the future when germinating seeds I suggest you have a light directly over them as close as possible without damage so when they sprout that light is there and they don't feel the need to grow/stretch so much their root system will start to bang away and they will chill...slowly getting taller and wider and thicker......leaving you with a short fat tight noded lady....

                you unlucky small one.....hard call there....always make sure the ph is good going in....6-6.5...preferably 6 for this point you don't want to water to the point where the liquid takes over the medium and turns it soupy...just water as big as the seedling is around....not the whole top of pot......

                your pots......if you are only able to use that medium than for sure change your pots...there is no air getting in there what so ever...more air more happy camper roots...better growth....lets medium dry a bit faster....less chance for root rot.....I only use plastic pots I can drill extra hole into the side and bottom for said reasons....just recently trying fabric pots on my current photo grow and am quite pleased with them....a lot actually...

                my blabbing $.02.....sorry
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                • insomniaczzz
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                  Lots of very useful info in this post. I might add that when you transplanted the auto, you could have buried it a little deeper to cover up some of that long stem. Do they when you transplant to a better growing medium. AND, you do not want the soil to be complete dry before transplanting as you stated above for the very reason you stated. All the dirt fell off of roots. You want the entire root system to stay intact, soil and all.

                • PRIMO
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                  Well put Mr. Green. Worst case if you have no access to any kind of potting soil, sacrifice a house plant to the cause.

                Hi again, Thanks for all your 2 cents worth

                Yes the medium is exactly "hard and tight" and not better when wet. I still cannot believe there are no shops here, with that in mind is there anything i can do to help the soil with just what i can find? (gravel? sand? soil from the mountains?

                It's a bit like "survivalist" cannabis grower (maybe a reality TV show idea for someone?). We also have no thermometer (although can get one), no humidity measure and no pH measure - have tried mixing soil with water and adding bicarbonate or vinegar to see reaction - we think it's slightly acidic, also it came form under an orange tree which apparently prefer acidic soil.

                Extra side ventilation - will do next time - cheers!

                The seedlings were even more stretchy - beginners error. we had to leave them for 3 days after inital planting and (in hindsight) had the lights way too high, we've planted at least 3" of stem under the surface already (!).

                We'll do better next grow.


                • Green75
                  Green75 commented
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                  Have any marbles...they would work to mix in....

                  Anything get the idea...something hard and non water soluble...

                  Bottled water is 6 ph...

                Great - we're using bottled water (as tap here is not good and we're tying to keep things organic and free of chemicals.) - lego/ marbles/ small rocks - great, will do.


                  It does look like trauma. The little seedlings are very fragile. Give it time . Is the air like a fan blowing ( gently!) Upon them? They looked rather small for transplanting yet best bet is look for the vigor of the plant to say when its ready to spread its legs. Time will tell on this one. Are they autoflower? If photoperiod than again I say it was rushed in transplanting.


                    Cheers Horace - this one isn't auto, yes we have a gentle breeze you say time will tell.



                      the auto is Super Lemon Haze Auto CBD
                      and Mr Droopy is the free seed we got with the delivery - another medical one - CBD pure 1:1 ratio - no idea beyond that but figured we'd give it a go


                        I did not know Green collected Legos. I guess along with the super glue it is a kit of some kind. I have Lincoln logs myself not recommended for growing.
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