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Harvest and curing?

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    Harvest and curing?

    Okay as some may know due to me asking a lot of questions I am close to harvest and want to get it right. So wanted to go over any special needs like lights out for a day before? I have read to turn off lights 24 to 48 hours before harvest and wanted opinions there? there is the flush which is a hot topic itself then things like how you harvest. At once or parts at a time ect? Then we got drying curing process where I'm sure there are many opinions. I know dark, cool and dry area for at least a week to two then move to jars not sure how long? Also, I have seen this drying net rack and was wondering if that would be better than hanging? Figured it was at least space-saving Anyway I hope to see good feedback as this post has plenty of opportunity to grow

    light out- not supported with facts- won't harm anything-
    flush- not supported with facts-I just give water after first amber trichomes, because the plant doesn't need anything at that point.
    dry rack- may be helpful in high humidity - otherwise buds can dry too quickly, if off the stems

    There are many,many ways- link below is what I routinely do!
    (I'm not adverse using other methods- full plant hang/dry-paperbag dry etc)

    KISS dry/cure:

    It's all bullshit - until you smoke it!

    KISS @ Dry/Cure:

    Staged Harvest:

    Grow Journals:

    #3, Window Sill Grow - auto:

    #4, KISS grow- Girl Scout Cookies- auto:


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      pharma is right on the money, try to find out the RH of ehre you live, if the humidity is over 70% then use a drying rack, anywhere from 45% to 65% is perfect to hang entire plants or big branches, just remove big fan leaves. anything below 40% is too low and you must dry in a closed space like a small closet or cabinet, a wood box, brown paper bags, etc. hope this helps, dont worry too much, try to check on them often and touch them every chance you get, takes years of practice to do it right and every strain is different

    Let's not forget the molasses!
    There are no small buds. Only large bowls.
    Purple Hulk Auto
    350 watt Viparspectra
    2'x3'x4.5' dual chamber perpetual harvest tent open wide
    2-3 gallon fabric pots
    2.5-18oz generic brand red plastic cup
    GO GoBox nutes
    Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil
    Black Magic soil
    Diatomaceous earth
    Duct tape


      If I were to hang mine for a week or 2, I would have crispy crunchy over dry weed, I check mine every few hours every day. Once dry on the outside (2-3 days), and still a bit moist inside I move to bag/box, once stable it then goes to jars,,,,


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