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    Help w/first grow

    Seem to have a few things going on. Need some help suggesting what to do.
    I have a 7 week outdoor white widow in happy frog soils using half strength fox farms soil nutrients. I PH water going in but runoff is way low. i did a nice manifold and plant is bushy and growing.
    heres my negatives im worries about.
    1. Lower leaves lookin a little yellow
    2. Some leaves with some brown spots
    3. Looks like something chewing some leaves too

    I'd be most concerned about what's eating the leaves - little fuckers know how to hide sometimes when they see you coming - so look everywhere twice.
    Lower leaves will whither first cuz now they are getting the least amount of light - can't make them green again so sometimes - snip snip.
    ​​​​​​3 X 3 gorilla. Promix soil . Green Planet Nutes
    Mars Hydro
    Vortex in-line 6" fan


    • 9fingerleafs
      9fingerleafs commented
      Editing a comment
      yeah the nutrient situation seems fine, maybe a bit light green for a plant in rich soil fed with nutrients, so what i recommend is to start watering with nutrients at a high ph in order to neutralize the acidity in the soil. use ph up to bring the ph up to 7 after adding the nutrients, keep checking the runoffs ph and when you see it reaches 6.5 (after a few waterings, may take a couple of weeks) just keep on feeding at 6.5

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