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    Manifolding and torture time! I love bending them over and tying them down to the restraints.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	20230524_144819.jpg Views:	14 Size:	3.80 MB ID:	596463

    20 hours after the bondage session.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	20230525_103706.jpg Views:	0 Size:	3.68 MB ID:	596496
    Last edited by Ckbrew; 05-25-2023, 10:46 AM.
    Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.


    • Ckbrew
      Ckbrew commented
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      Part of it is being bent over and tied. That really spreads and opens up the entire plant. When I do trim, my way is, if it is a part of the plant that I will not want in the finished plant, then I cut it off as soon as the plant dose not need it.

    • SoOrbudgal
      SoOrbudgal commented
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      It's amazing how photos take to torture an spring back an fill out. I've not done a radical manifold like these in over a year, but i do like the results. I'll do a photo grow indoors this winter to keep in practice.

    • Bluey
      Bluey commented
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      Love your work

    Just burped 50 jars first time since adding moisture a week ago
    Feel a tad dry still.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20230527_150530.jpg
Views:	42
Size:	2.21 MB
ID:	596587
    Grow Room: 11' x 7' x 7.5'H, 480w AC, 13gal/day dehumidifier, 1.5gal ultrasonic humidifier, 60gal (27gal usable) nute tank, 20" & 16" pedestal fans & 18" wall fan. Lighting, fertigation and climate automated
    Lights: 2 x SF-7000, 5 x 30w 660&730nm supp. red boosters, 4 x 80w 5000K corner fills
    Medium: Coco 100%, 13gal pots, drain to waste
    Current Grow: 4 x photos, old school, 66 days of veg flipped 25 Feb harvested day 65F 3lb11oz.
    Previous Grow: Lots of big dead mouldy buds, medium and small buds made it, barely. Primarily indica traits. Cured in glass jars.


    • BU2B
      BU2B commented
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      damn my friend you do some nice work! But the question still is ... How am I supposed to show up unexpectedly to help you sample each and every jar for quality if you keep neglecting to post an address? I'm pretty sure if I just showed up at the airport in Melbourne and told them I didn't have an address but I was going to 'Bluey's' they wouldn't let me in lol

    • Bluey
      Bluey commented
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      Gave them a good burp today for full air changeover.
      Average 62.6%
      It takes a long time to do it properly.
      Currently smoking the popcorn off of the screens and the low hanging fruit. Bit rough and not much punch and a bit of a weird times almost a full body feeling but it's neither a good or bad feeling if you get what I mean.
      Mrs.Bluey says it doesn't have much punch but give her a warm feeling that you can build on..and it feels good.
      Edit. I'm vaping it mostly and she's smoking it which is probably the difference....5 more jars if this very average smoke.
      Last edited by Bluey; 05-28-2023, 01:43 PM.

    5 x 5 week 8
    Attached Files


      The rocbud run fading nicely. Going to be a strong pull from these girls. Smells fruity. Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20230529_103144329_HDR.jpg
Views:	6
Size:	2.92 MB
ID:	596720 Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20230529_103426264.jpg
Views:	6
Size:	3.60 MB
ID:	596721 Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20230529_103449166.jpg
Views:	6
Size:	2.96 MB
ID:	596722 Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20230529_103346604_HDR.jpg
Views:	6
Size:	3.48 MB
ID:	596723
      keeping it green with the soil thing
      love me some frosty autos
      Mephisto run. yeah i know spellcheck
      the fruit basket
      blue strawberries in a four assed galaxy


        Been growing a Gelato cross for the past 2 months, it's taken a while because I've had early growth issues and 2 split manifolds. Amazingly it's still going strong, infact about 10 days ago I defoliated the plant and put it into flowering. Here are some pictures of before and after.
        Attached Files


        • dirtymike
          dirtymike commented
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          Thats a good recovery and in 9 days. Beautiful

        • Ckbrew
          Ckbrew commented
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          Looking good. Nice manifold job.

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