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    Chopped down my sour diesel and Panama recently. Sour d went about 11 weeks in 12/12, Panama went about 13. Dry trimmed most of the sour d and I don't think I will ever go back to wet. All the panama will be dry trimmed. Panama buds got pretty big. 5 ounces in jars from the Sour D. Panama looks to be quite a bit more, but we'll see.


    • bboyfromwayback
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      Nice formidable branch👍🏻👍🏻

    • JuanHondo
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      i had 8 bamboo stakes in the 5 gallon pot to hold it all up. WAAAAY to heavy for the thin stalks she grew. Would love to grow this cultivar outdoors and let her get 12 feet tall

    Popping in to show my current four plant grow, hope you folks are well.
    Week 8 for two gelato 33, one green crack, one northern lights 10.
    The gelatos look very different, one is purple (lower right) and the other bright green (upper left).
    BioCanna nutrient line, Canna BioTerra coco, Viparspectra XS2000 240w LED, 3 gallon fabric pots, 32x32x63” tent in basement.


    • SoOrbudgal
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      Beautiful sight Cheeba glad to see you pop in those look great from above shot .

    • Cheeba
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      Thanks SoOrbudgal for your support! Hope you are well.

    Week 1 Bloom, day 1

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20220507_102852-A.jpg
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Size:	1.00 MB
ID:	564187

    The plants have been flipped to bloom, the transformation begins. I really like this part, things can change so quickly.

    Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.


      Here is my current.
      tatooine donut on left and right, apple fritter in the middle.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	20220507_150422.jpg
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Name:	20220507_150345.jpg
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Name:	20220507_150339.jpg
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Name:	20220507_150359.jpg
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Name:	20220507_150412.jpg
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	20220507_150143.jpg
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Name:	20220507_150127.jpg
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Name:	20220507_150053.jpg
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ID:	564228
      13.14th grow
      wedding cheesecake auto cross
      crude fuel x 1
      layer cake x chocolate nightmare x2
      tatooine donuts x3 ((LCxCN)xjawa pie)
      apple fritters x2
      huckmoney x1
      x18 cider kush x1


      • HobbitGDF
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        Thx. I plan on continuing stabilization for tatooine donuts. Right now it's the main strain I'm working on.

      • Going2fast
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        Wow tatooine throws some nice autumn colors. Do you lower the temps late flower?

      • HobbitGDF
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        no thats just the natural fade to the plant. all phenos fade some sort of fall colors so far.

      Still making progress in my first grow. Honestly don't know what week of veg this is.. I'm bad with time like that but it's prob 5 or 6? Bad plant mom.

      ​​​​​​Topped and started LST a couple of weeks ago, realized I wasn't giving the girls enough water in fear of over-watering. Think I'm on the right track now though. Thinking of doing some defoliating bc these girls are getting bushy, but don't wanna fuck it up. Will prob do more LST too.

      ​​​​​​Noticed some yellowing on the edges on a leaf on my left girl, doesn't seem to be spreading since I first saw it. Plants seem otherwise healthy to me, but I'm just here trying to see if I can make it to harvest.
      Current grow: 2 Tropicana Cookies
      Vivosun 2x4
      Spider Farmer SF-2000
      AC Cloudline S6
      FoxFarms Cultivation Nation
      3-gallon smart pots
      General Hydroponics + CaliMag
      Anything these just ask!


      • diamond
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        Ckbrew Really good idea. I used a spreadsheet to organize everything pre-grow and felt so official. What kind of things so you track on your sheet?

      • Ckbrew
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        Date, day #, week #, nutrient week # (or plain water, or nothing), light schedule, notes, color highlights for notable events.

      • diamond
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        Ckbrew Awesome stuff, thx!

      5 days left till Harvest 👍🏼
      Click image for larger version

Name:	85304383-7FA0-446F-8494-80370C1DC927.jpeg
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Size:	2.76 MB
ID:	564444
      "I can't stop thinking big, I can't stop thinking big. In a world where I feel so small. I can't stop thinking big." Caravan | RUSH


      Gave the girls a trim today. Two in flower and two in Veg. The flower ones were a bit nute burn but I brought them out of it with a massive flushed and then using hard well water. Now at 6 weeks. Grand Daddy Purple

      The first is 5 weeks into flower and the second is 4 weeks. Just defoliated them today (got rid of the burnt leaves ) Click image for larger version

Name:	GDP 1 22 w5 F.jpg
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Size:	1.56 MB
ID:	564462Click image for larger version

Name:	GDP1 22 smaller one 4 w F.jpg
Views:	97
Size:	1.87 MB
ID:	564463


      • 3Berries
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        Ha, don't want to burst your bubble. I number the pots on four sides. I use to turn them every day and matched the last digit to know where they stood....

      • BU2B
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        My bubble is in place - you’re even more organized than I thought 🤣

      • 3Berries
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        Well in that case they do all have individual numbers. Too many years working with Quality Control.....

      Ending week 6 in flower. The Grandpas Stash clones are closing in on harvest quickly..two weeks, maybe three. Seed grown plan ts are starting to invest their energy to the buds now..they may be a month out yet. Had them out of the tent to correct a low ph here they are outside of captivity! The clones have a candy aroma to them while GDB has a pretty heavy musty stank. Cement shoes has a citrus/dirt odor to her. Sorry the pic order might be kinda F'kd up...but so am i......ha
      Shappel S3000 3.5x6x6' ice hut
      Fusion Board LED Panel 480w
      2 fusion breath fans
      1 Secret Jardain fan
      6" Fusion Breath, Fan/Filter
      Canna Coco/perlite
      General Hydroponics Flora Series

      NEW GROW!! 5 gal bags coco/perlite
      Cement shoes photo, Canuk seeds
      Grandaddy Bruce photo Canuk seeds
      Grandpas Stash clones x 2


        Gingerbeard strawberry nuggets. Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20220513_173920962_HDR.jpg
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Size:	3.84 MB
ID:	564712


        • Gingerbeard
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          All I see is a pot.

        • Ckbrew
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          Good n sticky

        Autos finishing up week 8 ish


          Still waiting... middle one is runty but sticky.

          Promix Hp in way to small of fabric bags, worm castings, some gaia green, some extra perlite, lots and lots of straight well water. Just finishing 9 weeks from flipping to 12/12, 36x20" tent. Hoping for close to a HP of 'bud'

          Will be pulling the middle one shortly, hoping to get another week out of the other two.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_5487.JPG
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ID:	564787Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_5481.JPG
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Name:	IMG_5483.JPG
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Size:	2.68 MB
ID:	564789


            Final post for Hazel & Suzie. Purple Bubba and Platinum Purple Kush. Here they are complete with burnt tips, freckles and warts. Harvest in about 10 hours. Keep growin and showin folks!

            Click image for larger version

Name:	image_154248.jpg
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Name:	image_154249.jpg
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Name:	image_154250.jpg
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Name:	image_154251.jpg
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Name:	image_154252.jpg
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ID:	564803
            Last edited by BU2B; 05-15-2022, 12:29 AM.
            "I can't stop thinking big, I can't stop thinking big. In a world where I feel so small. I can't stop thinking big." Caravan | RUSH


              Greetings fellow weedsters,

              After my surprise success with the one litre plug a couple of pages back I am all in! Currently have four different autos doing their thing they are from back left, Lemon Pie at 2 days short of 5 weeks. Big plant far right is a Seedsman Amnesia which is a week younger than the Lemon Pie. Then a genetically damaged Gorilla Cookies front left which is waiting for a replacement bean, and front right is a Sweet Seeds Jack47XL which is 3 weeks old. Just hand watering with a jug and bucket, the wingspan on that Jack is 18 inches in both directions.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	eazy pyramids - 1.jpeg
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Size:	491.5 KB
ID:	564814
              Click image for larger version

Name:	eazy pyramids - 2.jpeg
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Size:	404.0 KB
ID:	564815
              Attached Files


                I was reading through the newsletter this morning and somehow fell down a rabbit hole into my own “wayback” machine. I started looking at the pics I have of various plants and realized I’d posted pretty much zero of them. I’m a few weeks short of three years growing and apparently I have just harvested my 24th plant! The one that got me going was a bagseed planted in a way too small pot on my deck. That turned into 13 ounces of very nice smoke and sent me down the path. All subsequent grows have been indoors and I’m really enjoying it.

                I grow in a 3 x 3 tent and usually run three plants at a time (to leave room for heaters, fans, etc…). Most of the time that means one or two high CBD plants and a lone THC plant. The harvest just completed was all THC since I have a year’s supply of CBD canna caps now and a bunch more to get finished up making.

                So, if you will bear with me, just a few of the latest.

                The high CBD plants have very pretty flowers. Solomatic is reportedly 20% CBD. The Swiss Dream Rose has a little less CBD but what a looker.
                The Northern Lights Auto was a pain to germinate. I don’t know why but I never warmed to this one. In fact I gave most of it away!
                This winter’s grow was Sour Diesel, Blueberry and Sunset. Harvested April 25, 2022.
                Blueberry really turned dark. It yielded 2.4 ounces.
                Seedsman’s Sunset has a skunk edge to the aroma. It yielded 2.75 ounces.
                Sour Diesel…what can I say but something like “holy crap”. I’d intended to keep the tent fairly level and short. This plant was having none of it. I got the first topping done just fine. But then it just took off on me. It was growing several inches per day before the flip. I had to supercrop four mains and tilt my light as I was out of head room. The yield was 5.19 ounces so not bad.


                  Topsy Turvy Colombian Gold


                  • HobbitGDF
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                    Wow. That's so cool. Great job

                  • MeEasy
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                    I grew a couple of those one year, I wish I had pictures the second wife has all that stuff or had anyway... they're cool as hell pretty work Sir

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