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    First Grow

    I have 3 strains going on here! I am trying a little of everything to see what im good at. I have a 4x4x7 tent, using a 630W twin bulb LEC with a wing on it. Upper left plant is LA Confidential (LST and also HST) the plant to the right and diagonal from that are two White Lemon plants from Strain Hunters These are clones that I only used LST on. The bottom right plant is OG Kush I have only used LST on this one. Im trying to do the Scrog but im not sure if its right. I am using Super Soil and 5 gallon buckets as my final pot for all 4 plants. I am using a 4100K and a 3200K bulbs for the lights. Any suggestions are welcome!
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    Hi PhatBoy, They look awesome!! Welcome to the forum. Have you watched the Strain Hunters videos? They are really fascinating.
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    "Im trying to do the Scrog but im not sure if its right." FatBoy40 for a first grow you are doing an exemplary job!

    Have you digested this tutorial as of yet?


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      Yes I have looked at it. I created one on legs and did the 2.5 inch spacing and only made the box 3x3 my area is 4x4. So I then decided that I will need to move the screen so I bought a net, but I think the squares in the net are too big. They are 4 inches.

    I got all of my information from this site. real easy to get a grasp of how it works. Thank you.


      Day 43 into my grow. Looks good to me!


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