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    HYDRO A few dumb questions

    Hey guys a few dumb questions: My clones are in 3 inch net pots in a 10 gal DWC...I want to start LST but what do you tie to? I'm thinking of taping a ring of aluminum wire around each pot but then it's a bitch to move the plants. Did I screw up using 3 inch pots? My other DWC is an 18 gal should I use 5 inch instead? I'm planning on using the 18 gal DWC for my autos and will only grow 2 at a time in this tub. Also do I keep the water lines to each net pot going indefinitely or do I turn off the water pump when the roots reach the res water? I want to move one of the clones to the opposite corner so I have more room, but to do so I will have to pull the water line out of the net pot and am not sure how to put it back in without disturbing the roots. In some ways dirt is easier but these clones are growing like crazy, way faster than they would have in dirt.
    If weed is healthy...why am I so broken down?

    Howdy SDwy, I use some small (3/8 inch diameter) galvanized screw eyes for tying down the plants (see photo). I got them from a local hardware store, but they are available on line as well. I drilled a small hole (diameter 1/32 inch) in the top of the tote and screwed the eyes in. they have worked for the last five grows (but have become a bit rusty!). Almost forgot, I have at least four of the eyes around each net pot.
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      And You can let the drip lines run 24/7 or turn them off when the root ball reaches into the reservoir, I let mine run throughout the entire grow, doesn't hurt the roots wet (as lone as the reservoir is well aerated).

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      That's a good idea, thanks!

    I used paper clips taped to the top of my res to tie down my clones. It’s working well so far, I will SCOG them or bend them but have not decided which yet. Thanks for the suggestion, I may do that if the tape doesn’t hold when these girls get bigger.
    If weed is healthy...why am I so broken down?


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